Spring is here and for most of us that means more time outdoors, including at home on our decks & patios. These spaces are feeling more like additions to the home rather than just being “outside”.  2019 deck design is all about blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Some of the trends we are seeing in decking design this year include eco-friendly materials, multi-level designs, and alternative shapes to board planks such as deck tiles.


  • Looking for a “green” alternative to woodComposite decking is low maintenance, won’t fade and is often manufactured with up to 95% recycled materials. Composites are quickly becoming the popular choice for the more eco-friendly minded consumers.

Trex Transcend in Spiced Rum


Timbertech Legacy collection in Ashwood

  • Read our blog post on Wood vs Composite to help you decide which material is right for you.



  • Easy-to-install Deck Tiles are becoming especially popular in smaller spaces such as condominiums and areas with close to ground applications.  We offer Hardwood Deck Tiles in both Batu and Ipe.
  • Living in the city doesn’t mean you can’t have your dream deck.  Deck Tiles are ideal for rooftop spaces, look great and fit into small spaces perfectly!

24″x24″ Batu Hardwood Deck Tile treated with Exoshield Hardwood Oil in Natural

  • Keep in mind that like any wood, making sure they are properly coated on all sides before installation is an important step you don’t want to skip. This will not only keep your wood tiles looking great, but will help protect from problems with moisture, which we on the west coast are very familiar with.  We carry top brands Penofin Hardwood Oil and Exoshield Hardwood Oil, that can help protect and beautify your hardwood deck tiles.


  • If you have the space, a multi-level deck design will not disappoint. Adding levels gives you multiple areas to utilize with specific purposes; think dining area and relaxing area. The levels may only be separated by 1 o 2 steps but will feel like completely different spaces.  
decking evolutions tropical tigerwood

Multi level Timbertech Tropical in Tigerwood

  • Utilizing the space underneath a raised deck is another option. Both Trex Rain Escape and TimberTech Dry Space offer a great way to rainproof your deck so you can enjoy an addition to your outdoor space all year long.

Trex Rain Escape or Timbertech Dry Space are both easy to install Deck Drainage systems which allow you to expand your usable living space


  • A design feature becoming more popular in outdoor spaces is incorporating nature into the design itself. Have a beautiful old oak you don’t want to cut down?  Why not build around it?  Think of mother nature as being a helping hand in the design of your deck instead of an obstacle.
Beautiful Batu Hardwood deck

Beautiful Batu Hardwood deck built by Norum Construction.



  • No deck design is complete unless you’ve thought about proper lighting.  You can now incorporate lighting seamlessly with Trex Deck Lighting  or TimberTech Deck Lighting systems, and stay lit all night long (just make sure to invite your neighbours over for these late night get-togethers)!

Trex Outdoor Lighting

Brighten up your outdoor spaces with Trex Outdoor Lighting

Whether you’re resurfacing an existing structure or creating a brand new outdoor oasis, we can help you choose the decking materials that best suit your needs.  Call us or go online and get a quote today!

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