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If – like us – your inbox is already full to bursting with daily emails offering you this, that and the other, then you’re probably hesitant to sign up for another email list, because you’re worried we’ll bombard you with daily or weekly emails.

Well – rest assured that is not how we roll. Our aim is to send you one email per month. That’s right. One email per month, packed with news, product info and helpful advice to get the job done right the first time…and if you get bored with what we send you, then you can simply unsubscribe at any time and you’ll never hear from us again.

So below is a helpful list of things you will benefit from becoming a member of our email list – along with a list of things we won’t do because we want you to be Building on our Experience for generations to come.


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  • Tell you about new products
  • Provide newsy updates about our business
  • Include helpful advice in our How-To Video section
  • Highlight Blog articles we think might interest you
  • Ask for your feedback as to how we can serve you better


  • Bombard you with so many emails – you won’t know which one to read first.
  • Sell your email or information. That’s not cool – or legal!
  • Hold on to your email if you decide to opt out / unsubscribe
  • Spam you. Because everybody hates spam!

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