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Our Clearance Section is updated regularly with a variety of clearance building materials and home improvement products from various departments in our store and yard. There are many reasons we will put products in this category, mainly to clear valuable yard or shelf space for other items, but clearance items you see listed here are always suitable for resale and if the quality or appearance is not deemed sufficient then they simply will not be listed.

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Product Code: 1360241 Colour: White Amount Available: 6 Price: $164.95 + tax Reason Code: SS

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Product Code: ALDFTIB Colour: White Amount Available: 3 Price: $179.95 + tax Reason Code: SS

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U386-CASING Description: 5/8”x2-1/4”x14’ MDF Casing Product Code: U386 Colour: Primed White Amount Available: 6405 lin.ft Price: $0.29 / lin.ft Reason Code: SS

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Why are these products
In our Clearance Section?

Typically you will find a discounted product in this area due to one or more of the following reasons:

SS = Slow Sellers

Items that are not ‘turning’ regularly – do not represent good value for money to us and with over 20,000 SKU’s it’s a constant battle to stay on top of those items that are quite simply, gathering dust. We regularly move slow sellers into clearance because they take up valuable yard or shelf space for items that turn quicker.  

disc = Discontinued

Manufacturers change the specifications, appearance, profile and performance of their products on a fairly regular basis as they continually improve the performance or adjust to feedback and market trends. When a product is replaced by a new one, we like to get rid of the old version as quickly as possible to avoid confusion.  

dam = Damaged Stock

We’re not perfect – and with a fast-paced yard, heavy machinery and humans error all factors in the handling many of our products, it’s inevitable that from time to time items get damaged. Quite often the damage is superficial and does not mean that the product is completely unusable, but it’s harder to sell for full market value if it’s not in absolutely pristine condition to we – and our customers demand.  

so = Special Order Item (not required)

Despite many steps to try and prevent this from happening, from time to time we get stuck with a product that a customer has ordered and then backed out of the deal…which often presents an opportunity to get your hands on an item for a very good price. Special Order items tend to be fairly specific and quite often higher value, so check back here regularly and keep your eyes peeled for these products.

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