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With our premium grade Western Red Cedar and Pressure Treated Fencing materials, Prefab Fence Panels, Lattice and Gates – when it comes to building a fence, there’s a solution for everyone. Our expert staff can assist you with the design and planning of your Fencing project, help you choose the right products and make sure you have the right amount of materials to complete your project. Read on, and you’ll find a variety of products to suit your needs, and helpful advice, like checklists to make sure you have everything you need before you start.

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Cedar Fencing Materials


Choose from a wide range of Prefab Fence Panels, with styles to suit a variety of tastes and functions. And remember – we don’t just supply Fence Panels. Get your complete package of Fencing Materials safely delivered to your home with our handy and affordable Delivery Service, and add value by including other necessary components like Treated Fence Posts, Post Caps and Ready Mix Concrete, Screws and Stain to finish.


featuring 1×6 T&G fence boards

Traditional Fence Panels are a feature of every Canadian back-yard. With rugged Western Red Cedar components that naturally withstand the worst the weather can hand out, you’ll enjoy your new Fence Panels for years to come. Choose Lattice Top or No Lattice, we have 3 heights to choose from making Fencing your back, side or front yard, easier than ever. All of our in-stock Traditional Fence Panels feature STK (Select-Tight-Knot) 1×6 Cedar Fence Boards and are therefore classified as #2 Grade. Custom panels or #1 Grade Fence Panels, which are characterised by Clear Cedar Fence Boards are available by Special Order. Please contact us for more details.

Classic Diagonal Lattice

fence-panel-diag-lattice-1x6 Features: 2×4 Cedar Frame, 1×6 STK Cedar T&G Boards, 12″ Diagonal Lath Lattice

Standard Sizes:

  • 4’x8’ (44”H x 96”W)
  • 5’x8’ (56”H x 96”W)
  • 6’x8’ (68”H x 96”W)

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Classic square Lattice

fence-panel-square-lattice-1x6 Features: 2×4 Cedar Frame, 1×6 STK Cedar T&G Boards, 12″ Square Grid Lattice

Standard Sizes:

  • 4’x8’ (44”H x 96”W)
  • 5’x8’ (56”H x 96”W)
  • 6’x8’ (68”H x 96”W)

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Classic solid (no lattice)

fence-panel-solid-1x6 Features: 2×4 Cedar Frame, 1×6 STK Cedar T&G Boards

Standard Sizes:

  • 4’x8’ (44”H x 96”W)
  • 5’x8’ (56”H x 96”W)
  • 6’x8’ (68”H x 96”W)

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Penetrating Wood Stains

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Custom Fencing

While Prefab Panels offer a quick and easy solution to building a new fence, assembling a custom design with our high-quality fencing materials allows you more flexibility with the size of each section and also allows you to make minor adjustments to measurements as you go. Hand-built fences are also stronger more durable structures, where each piece is cut to size and secured individually. Building your fence by hand, also allows you more freedom when it comes to the design – and with so many different and unique styles and methods of construction, why not choose something that makes your yard stand out. Looking for inspiration? Browse our Pinterest Fencing idea board and then contact us with your ideas using our handy Quote Request form.

  • Treated Fence Posts
    • 4-1/8″ x 4-1/8″ CA TREATED #2&BTR
    • 3.5″ x 3.5″ CA TREATED #2&BTR S4S
    • 6×6  CA TREATED #2&BTR RGH
    • 6×6  CA TREATED #2&BTR S4S (special order)
  • Dimensional Lumber
    • 1×4 CA TREATED #2&BTR S1S2E
    • 1×6 CA TREATED #2&BTR S1S2E
    • 2×4 CA TREATED #2&BTR S4S
    • 2×6 CA TREATED #2&BTR S4S
    • 2×8 CA TREATED #2&BTR S4S
    • 2×10 CA TREATED #2&BTR S4S
    • 2×12 CA TREATED #2&BTR S4S

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  • Fence Posts
    • 4×4 WRC STK RGH
    • 4×4 WRC STK S4S
    • 5×5 YC S&B RGH
    • 6×6 WRC STK RGH
    • 6×6 WRC STK S4S
  • Nailing Strips
    • 1×1 WRC STK
    • 1×2 WRC STK
  • Fence Boards
    • 1×4 WRC STK S1S2E
    • 1×6 WRC STK S1S2E
    • 1×8 WRC STK S1S2E
  • Tongue & Groove Panelling
    • 1×6 WRC STK T&G

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Picket Fences at a timeless charm to your yard and are perfect for creating a privacy and security to your front of your property. Made from Premium Grade Western Red Cedar, we even have a Mini-Picket Panel that’s great for landscape borders.


cedar_picket_panel Cedar Picket Panels are an easy way to add charm and character to your yard. Constructed with 2×3 Cedar Rails and 1×4 Knotty Cedar Pickets, these panels install in minutes. Available Sizes:

  • 3ft Picket Panel  (36″ H x 96″ W)
  • 4ft Picket Panel (48″ H x 96″ W)

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mini cedar picket panel

Use this cute mini picket panel to frame your garden borders and add character to your yard. Made from Premium Cedar 1×2 boards. Dimensions: 18″ H x 36″ W

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Lattice or Trellis Panels are a versatile solution to Fencing or enclosing areas of your yard. Use larger sheets to create privacy screens or to close off the underside of your deck – or use smaller sections to add a feature to your perimeter fence. All Lattice Panels are made from Premium Grade Western Red Cedar.


square_grid_cedar_lattice Made from Premium Grade 1×2 Cedar for a heavy-duty look. Available Sizes:

  • 1×8 (12″ x 96″)
  • 2×8 (24″ x 96″)
  • 4×8 (48″ x 96″)

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Made from Premium Grade Cedar Lath in a more traditional style. Available Sizes:

  • 1×8 (12″ x 96″)
  • 2×8 (24″ x 96″)
  • 4×8 (48″ x 96″)

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diagonal_grid_cedar_lattice Made from Premium Grade 1×2 Cedar for a heavy-duty look. Available Sizes:

  • 1×8 (12″ x 96″)
  • 2×8 (24″ x 96″)
  • 4×8 (48″ x 96″)

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Get helpful tips
Before you start!


  • Fence Posts
  • Concrete Mix or Post Brackets
  • Pre-fab Fence Panels or Fence Boards, Rails and Nailing Strips
  • Gate/s
  • Gate Hinges
  • Gate Latch
  • Screws and/or Nails
  • Fence Post Caps
  • Exterior Wood Stain or suitable exterior Paint
  • Paint Brushes, Rollers and Trays

diag lattice fence panel


  • Check your property lines. Moving a fence back 6? if you find out afterwards that you’ve taken some of your neighbours property.
  • Suggest spreading the cost of the new fence with your neighbour/s.
  • Check with your local municipality regarding regulations for perimeter fence height. Most municipalities allow maximum height of 6′  in your back yard.
  • If you’re digging news holes for your posts – call before you dig to find out what’s down there. You could hit a buried power cable, conduit, or gas line, which can be both dangeruous and expensive to fix.
  • Check your Measurements…twice! Measure how long each ‘run’ of fencing is, making note of each before calculating your total lineal feet of fencing required.
  • Determine the height of your new fence and make note if you plan to build a ‘step-down’ fence towards the sides and front of your property.
  • Write down the width, height and number of Gates required. Remember, your Gate opening should allow 1/4? to 1/2? each side for hinges.
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Whilst we do not offer in-house Installation Services, we do have access to a pool of loyal Contractors and Carpenters who can help you with design and installation of your Fencing. Get in touch today with details of your project and we'll help you find the right fit.

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