Money Saving Tips

Whether you believe climate change is real or not, our planet is warming up and 2017 saw a record number of wildfires ravage the West Coast of North America. The effects on humans, wildlife and fauna were¬†of course far more serious than our need to build beautiful new decks, but as many communities continue to […]

With the arrival of Fall – it’s time to start preparing your home for cold and wet weather. Plugging holes in leaking concrete, or cracks in walls can save you money on expensive repairs – or make your home more energy-efficient. Learn about Concrete Repair with advice from the experts at Basalite Concrete STEP 1 […]

It’s that time of year again. Temperatures are dropping, the wind is blowing, rain and leaves are falling, which means it’s time to act fast to get your home Fall and Winter ready. With these 5 Fall Fix-ups for your Home, you can prevent costly future repairs and start saving money on your energy bills […]

Our commitment to improving products and standards goes back to when the store first opened in 1921 – and we continue to look for ways in which we can add value to our loyal customers in the quality of products we supply. In the first of a series of features on how quality should be considered just as important […]

With a variety of new BC Building Code changes coming into effect in recent months, we’re here to help educate you on how these changes impact new construction or retrofitting of Air Sealing & Insulation for Single Family Homes. The guidebook ‘Best Practices for Air Sealing and Insulation on Retro?ts’ is published by the Homeowner […]

There’s lots of articles in the news lately about how one of our most necessary resources is under threat if we don’t take action to save it. We’re talking about Water – and we can all do our bit to stop wasting it simply because – for now – it’s readily available on tap. There […]