NEW PRODUCT: ROXUL Comfortboard 80 Rigid Insulation


ROXUL COMFORTBOARD ™ 80 is a rigid mineral wool insulation sheathing board that is fastened to outside studs to improve thermal performance to the building envelope. It is non-combustible, water repellent, fire resistant and sound absorbent. City of Vancouver Building Code has recently changed requiring an actual R-22 value on all exterior walls (see detail). ROXUL ComfortBatt Insulation […]

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BACK TO THE FUTURE: 5 Custom Homes from the future!

BACK TO THE FUTURE 5 Custom Homes from the future

To celebrate October 21st 2015…the day when we all go BACK TO THE FUTURE with one of the movie world most loved franchises, we’ve put together our 5 of our favourite futuristic custom homes that have our flux capacitors reaching 1.21 gigawatts! These architects definitely have us exclaiming “Great Scott!” and we think you’ll agree that […]

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