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Our convenient and affordable Power Tool Repair Clinic provides Contractors and Consumers with an opportunity to extend the life and value of their Power Tools. We can carry out remedial repairs or simply carry out a deep cleaning to ensure that your Tool Kit is performing to its optimum ability. Working with Power Tool Manufacturers, we can provide complete diagnostics,  before resolving any issues. This service is inclusive of both Warranty or Non-Warranty repairs.

Power Tool Repair Service

Working with our Tool Suppliers, we offer a range of options for repairing and extending the life of your Power Tools. More often than not repairs can be carried out under the terms of the warranty, but if yours has expired prior to the issue occurring, all is not lost as we can still get non-warranty repairs carried out or order parts, which generally costs less than buying a new tool.


In the case of Warranty repairs, as a licensed dealer, we act as intermediary with the Manufacturer through their Authorized Repair Centres. Simply drop off your tool along with Warranty Information and proof of purchase (where applicable) and we will do the rest. You will receive a notification once the Warranty repair is complete at which point you simply come in an pick up your tool from our service desk.

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We will also order in the parts for ‘self-repair’ upon request in which case we need the exact model number of the tool, and the part that needs replacing. Typical parts that wear out are brushes, sanding pads, bases, guards, cords etc.

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For all Non-Warranty repairs, drop off your tool at our service desk, along with contact information and a description of the problem – at which point we will send the tool off to the lab for diagnosis. Once a diagnostic test has been performed, you will be notified of the prognosis and what steps need to be taken to repair the tool, along with costs involved – leaving you with the decision to go ahead with the repair or not.

Shop for a new Power Tool

In most cases, it’s more affordable to carry out the repairs rather than purchase a replacement tool, but if that’s what’s required, of course we’re here to help, with brands like Bosch, Makita, Milwaukee and Dewalt (to name a few) available in our Tool Department.

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Blades Sharpening Service

Extend the lifespan of expensive saw-blades, knives and generally any cutting tool with an edge – with our convenient Blade Sharpening Service.

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