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At POCO Building Supplies, we understand the changing needs of our customers – and that means we know that there are certain jobs where we can offer a valuable professional factory finishing service, that maximises your efficiency and budget. With ever-changing weather conditions and busy schedules, applying coatings to large amounts of Wood Siding or Fibre-cement products can be tricky at the best of times. With our Factory Finishing service, materials are coated under controlled conditions, with a wide variety of high-quality custom coatings and finishes. We then deliver the finished product, along with a can of touch up paint – directly to your job-site ready for installation. Some Factory Finished products are even supplied with a valuable 20-30 year warranty on the coating. If you are interested in finding out more about warrantied coatings, please contact us today for more information.


To avoid any surprises – and to make sure that you and your client are happy with the colour, clarity and sheen level of the finished product, POCO Building Supplies and our Coatings Partners, require that a ‘brush-out’ sample is approved by the Contractor, Builder, Architect or Homeowner. Brush Out samples are an important part of the process – and generally supplied free of charge. You will only pay for brush-out samples if the number of samples required is deemed to exceed the gratuity of the Pre-staining facility, at which point a fee will be negotiated prior to any work being carried out. Approved brush out samples must be returned to POCO Building Supplies, who will submit them along with paperwork that accompanies each purchase-order. This may seem like hard work – but you can rest assured that we’ve all learned the hard way that this is a necessary step and one that will pay dividends when a flawless product, that satisfies even the most demanding customers’ needs arrives on you job-site looking exactly as it should.

How does it work?
The Factory Finishing Process

For many homeowners, builders, architects – machine applied coatings have significant advantages over coatings applied in the field. Factory Finishing generates consistent film builds, consistent colour performance and long-term durability to ensure each project receives beautiful and long-lasting protection.


Typical Factory Pre-finishing Flood Coating System

Complete Protection

Field coating methods rely on the applicator to ensure complete protection, while machine coaters have the ability to coat every edge, angle and groove to ensure consistent coating and performance for every piece coated.

Consistent Performance

Machine applicators can ensure uniform film builds and colour consistency for improved performance and long-term durability over many field applied coatings. The machine application allows finishers to dial into exact specifications by using controlled conditions that eliminate many field applied errors.

Excellent Hiding

Machine Applied Coatings are formulated with advanced resin technologies that produce excellent hiding abilities so you can use less paint while creating a beautifully dense and long-lasting colour.

3 steps to a flawless finish

In most cases, Factory Finishing requires a minimum of 2 weeks to process and it’s important to note that the three following steps are important in achieving the best performance for each coating. Nobody has time these days, but the reality is that you just cannot rush doing things properly and something POCO Building Supplies and our coatings partners share is that we are not prepared to compromise quality.


Some of the wood products that are sent for Factory Finishing are wet (Green or Grn in lumber terms). This is inevitable since the majority of logs in the lumber industry, prior to being milled, spend their time on the river. Most coatings work best when the moisture content is at a certain level (which varies between oil-based and waterborne stains) which means that in many cases, the material needs to be air-dried in racks prior to being coated.


Processing material takes time. Flood Coating is a process that coats the material by machine, but it still requires that a human feeds the material in at one end and take it out at the other. This also provides the opportunity to carry out quality checks to ensure the coating is applying properly. Larger volumes take more time and when multiple coats are involved, the material must be allowed to dry between each layer, otherwise, the coating will not cure and will almost certainly fail once exposed to the elements.


Once the material has received it’s finished coat it will be rack dried, before being stacked and professionally wrapped – often including ‘slip-sheeting’ to ensure material does not stick together when packaged. Once the coating has dried sufficiently – material is ready to ship to your job-site and we guarantee you and your client will be pleased with the results.

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Woodtone-LogoWoodtone’s Building Products are synonymous with strength, durability, and long-lasting performance. From unparalleled quality standards to a strong network of distribution across Canada, they offer a breadth of products and services that are unrivalled in the industry. Woodtone is a proud family business, committed to building a sustainable future, carry on the tradition of family and a community-wide legacy of excellence and innovation that respects the past and creates the future. Their vision is about providing not just beautiful homes, but also a sustainable future in business and in life, for their family and yours.

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With a passion for innovation and delivering a better product and a better future, in partnership with POCO Building Supplies, Woodtone offers a wide variety of Factory Finished Products (such as RealTrim Plus and RealSoffit) ready for the market – as well as a  service that encompasses a wide variety of coatings, customized for a multitude of different products and applications. realsoffit_woodtone

preferred coatings

PRIMERS Oil Primer – White Base = SuperPaint Stainblocker Oil Primer – Tinted Base = General Paint Woodcraft SOLID HIDE COATINGS Primer & TopCoat = Sherwin Williams BP Siding Plus SEMI-TRANSPARENT COATINGS Oil-based Tintable = General Paint Woodcraft Oil-based Translucent = SuperDeck 1900 Low VOC = Sansin SDF/ENS Oil-based Natural Stain = SuperDeck 1900 Natural Low VOC Stain = Sansin SDF Natural UV CLEAR FINISHES Oil-based Tintable = General Paint Woodcraft

non-preferred coatings

TIER 1 (GOOD) AquaSeal Zinnser TIER 2 (BETTER) Broda Protector Broda Clarity Cloverdale Paint – Sunfast TIER 3 (BEST) Benjamin Moore Arbourcoat Flecto Varathane Penofin TimberPro Messmers


cbr-logoIn 1991, Bill Willis founded CBR Products and worked with a talented chemist to develop the BRODA® Pro-Tek-Tor line of wood finishes. It wasn’t long before BRODA® became an industry benchmark for wood finishing solutions, offering outstanding performance in the most difficult environmental conditions, with low toxicity and a focus on the environment.

For contractors and builders looking for guaranteed application and quality, in partnership with POCO Building Supplies, CBR Products offers wood factory finishing service for beams, sidingsoffit and panelling, shakes, wood doors, and trim – almost any wood products you may require for your project.

Choose from any of our BRODA® finishes, select from our palette of 50+ standard colours, or have your own custom colour formulated. From natural wood finishes to fence stains and clear wood preservatives. POCO Building Supplies will coordinate delivery of your wood with the CBR warehouse in Vancouver, delivering your Factory Finshed wood professionally wrapped, to work with your building schedule. BRODA-family-1-gals

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