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Penofin Exterior Wood Finishes and Wood-care products set the bar for quality, durability and ease of maintenance among discerning consumers, craftsmen and professionals. Made in America, Independent & Proud, our Penofin products are specifically geared towards the Hardwood Decking market. PENOFIN_ProductLine


advanced UV protection for dense hardwoods

Penofin® Hardwood Formula is designed to penetrate dense hardwoods. This unique formula absorbs beyond the surface, nourishing and stabilizing the wood and most importantly – it does not create a surface film. Using sustainably harvested Brazilian Rosewood Oil, Penofin® Hardwood Formula is the choice of wood experts who know that penetration is key to longevity and beauty when applying to hardwoods. Penofin’s advanced formula is designed to allow the wood to breathe, an essential factor when working with exotic hardwoods such as Mahogany, Teak, Ipe, Brazillian Redwood, Tigerwood and Batu.


  • Penetrating Oil finish specially formulated for dense hardwoods
  • Advanced UV protection from Brazilian Rosewood Oil
  • 3 complimentary Tones allow the beauty of wood to shine through (Transparent Natural-tone, Ipe and Tigerwood)
  • Advanced mildew protection
  • Applied correctly will not crack, bubble, or peel – ever.



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PRO TIP As with most solvent derived oil-based stains, Penofin Hardwood Formula is prone to spontaneous combustion in certain circumstances. Care should be taken to dispose of brushes, rags and any other material that comes into contact with the oil. Always read the instructions, follow safe application and clean-up procedures and for best results follow manufacturers guidelines to the letter.

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the secret to success
is in the preparation

Penofin® First Step Prep For Hardwood

Penofin First Step Prep for Exterior Hardwood is formulated to open the pores of the wood’s surface. It is the ideal way to ensure deep penetration of Penofin’s amazing natural oil finish formulated for hardwood. First Step Prep cleans, brightens and reduces the hard mill glaze found on most hardwoods. This allows Penofin to penetrate deeply into dense wood species for ultimate protection and beauty.

Features & Benefits:
  • Formulated for hardwoods
  • Removes mill glaze
  • Opens the wood’s fibres to allow maximum penetration
  • Easy to apply. Fast clean up.


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Hardwood Decking Essentials

Our range of Hardwood Decking Essentials has been put together to help you get the most out of this expensive lumber and ensure that your material is both installed correctly and will stand the test of time.

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Protect the Beauty of Wood in Marine Environments

PENOFIN’s Marine Oil Wood Finish seals and protects the straight from mill beauty of wood, giving it that hand-rubbed look mariners prefer. Multiple coats can be wet-sanded to create a lustrous high-sheen finish, or simply apply product and remove excess with a nap-free cloth for a flat matte finish. Penofin’s Marine Oil wood finish is non-yellowing, non-darkening and fast drying. Repair scratched or stained wood using the wet sanding method. Use on fibreglass as well as wooden boats, Marine Oil also protects and enhances docks too.

 performance features
  • 99% ultraviolet protection
  • Protects and beautifies like no varnish can
  • Highest-quality mildew protection
  • For use on boats, cabins, cockpits, decks, railings, and docks
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Available in a natural tone


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Prepare, Clean or Recondition
With Penofin Maintenance Products

penofin® pro-tech woodcare

you’re only 3-steps away from a beautiful deck

Do you want to annihilate tough stains and watermarks on your outdoor wood features? Maybe you need to remove a nasty stain colour from an existing deck? The solution is PENOFIN®Wood Preparation products.


STEP 1: Strip!

Specially developed to effectively remove oil finishes on all exterior wood, composite or concrete surfaces using New Clean Strip Technology. Pro-Tech Stripper leaves little or no residue, will not raise grain and provides double the coverage of average strippers. Pro-Tech Stripper is the first step in preparing your wood for a beautiful Penofin application.

STEP 2: Clean!

The best outdoor cleaner for just about everything, this unique formula uses Super Hydrogen Power to tackle just about any cleaning job around your home. Mix these concentrated granules in varying strengths to effectively remove grease, grime, dirt, organic stains, tree sap and mineral deposits. Kills mold and mildew. For use on wood, masonry, concrete, fibre cement, fiberglass, outdoor furniture, cushions and floor coverings, glass and tile.

STEP 3: Brighten

Penofin Pro-Tech Brightener reestablishes the Ph balance of your wood after stripping and cleaning and brightens gray weathered wood to bring back that mill-bright color. Works on all types of wood, decking, siding and fences; removes mill glaze.

penofin-pro-tech-wood-stripper penofin-pro-tech-stripper

Penofin® Pro-Tech Stripper

Biodegradable — Safe for Soil and Plant Life, No V.O.C.’s, Easy to Apply. Safely removes oil-based wood stains, sealers & loose wood fibres

  • Fast acting
  • Easy to use
  • Removes paint, stains, sealers and loose wood fibres
  • Certified zero VOC’s product



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penofin-pro-tech-wood-cleaner penofin-pro-tech-cleaner

Penofin® Pro-Tech Cleaner

Biodegradable — Safe for Soil and Plant Life, No V.O.C.’s, Easy to Apply. Removes organic stains and Grime. Each 3.78ml container makes 8 x 300 sq.ft applications.

  • Restores wood to mill bright appearance
  • Cleans and rejuvenates wood
  • Easy to apply
  • Biodegradable; safe on soil and plant life



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penofin-pro-tech-wood-brightener penofin-pro-tech-brightener

 Penofin® Pro-Tech Brightener

Biodegradable — Safe for Soil and Plant Life, No V.O.C.’s, Easy to Apply. Cleans and rejuvenates wood. Each 3.78ml container makes 8 x 300 sq.ft applications.

  • Reduces mill glaze for better penetration
  • Removes the grey
  • Prepares hardwood for re-finishing



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 Penofin® Pro-Tech Wood Restoration Kit
       3 part kit includes
  • 1-quart Pro-Tech Wood Stripper
  • 1 cup Pro-Tech Wood Cleaner (makes 1 gallon)
  • 1 cup Pro-Tech Wood Brightener (makes 1 gallon)


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