Solutions for Building a Safe, Strong Deck

Building a beautiful deck is about more than decking materials, fasteners and connectors. It’s about the experiences and connections that happen between people while they are enjoying their time outside. Outdoor living can enhance our enjoyment of life immeasurably, and a well-built deck can make an important contribution to that aspect of our lifestyle. We believe that a beautiful deck should also be safe and strong. These deck framing solutions will help you build an outdoor living space that lasts.

Complete Deck Connection
& Fastening Guide

To build a safe, code-compliant deck, it’s essential that the deck design establish a continuous load path using a system of key connections throughout the deck framing. When this system of connections is made properly, loads are transferred through the deck frame and into the ground and/or the adjacent structure to which the deck is connected.

The connections shown below are necessary in order to create an effective continuous load path.

Deck Connector System

Complete Deck Connection & Fastening Guide




Solutions for Ground Level Balcony and Rooftop Decks

Many homeowners wish to beautify their existing outdoor living space by resurfacing ugly concrete, vinyl or torch on surfaces with more attractive decking materials such as tropical hardwoods like Ipe, Batu or Tigerwood – or composites like Trex, Azek, Timbertech, Fiberon or MoistureShield.

Most manufacturers and suppliers of deck boards do not recommend installation without at least 1.5 inches of clearance for ventilation and airflow. Most deck boards benefit from more than that, with minimum 16″ or more is ideal. Failure to select the right products, along poor installation practises can result in issues like cupping or buckling and with the odd exception, this has nothing to do with the quality of the material itself and everything to do with the moisture differential created by inadequate ventilation between the tops and bottoms of the deck boards.

For this reason, Hardwood deck tiles have become a popular option in lieu of standard long length deck boards, especially in close-to-ground applications and we now have a range of products suitable for floating deck surfaces. These low-level deck framing systems also provide a versatile multi-purpose foundation for a range of home improvement projects including decks, garden sheds, landings, pathways, raised walkways, cubby houses, dog shelters and more.

TuffBlock - The World’s Easiest Foundation System for Decks

Building a stable foundation

Since the inception of Deck Blocks in 1988 in the USA, instant foundation blocks have been the preferred method for creating a strong and stable foundation for many professional & DIY projects worldwide. The concept has literally revolutionised the way we look at deck & raised platform construction, with millions of projects completed each year using the system.

tuffblock are built strong

An individual TuffBlock can support up to 1,700 lbs (770 kgs) and break-tested to over 11,000 lbs (5,000 kgs). TuffBlocks will accept 1.38-1.61 inch or 1.61-1.85 inch (35-41mm or 41-47mm) joists and bearers as well as 3.5×3.5 inch (90x90mm) or 4×4 inch (100x100mm) posts. TuffBlock’s are the most versatile and easy to use deck foundation systems on the market.


TuffBlock’s are more than just a deck foundation, they are a versatile utility block that can be used for an endless number of applications, including decks, garden sheds, landings, pathways, raised walkways, cubby houses, dog shelters and more.


  • Made in America for USA and Canada
  • Designed to suit metric standards, TuffBlock’s will accept 1.38-2 inch (35-41mm or 41-47mm) joists and bearers as well as 3.5×3.5 inch (90x90mm) or 4×4 inch (100x100mm) square posts
  • Ultra-lightweight concrete alternative, with each block weighing 1.5 pounds (680 grams)
  • 28 times lighter than standard concrete and 11 times lighter than the Handi Block
  • Each block will support up to 1,700 pounds (770 kilograms) and tested to over 11,000 pounds (5,000 kilograms)
  • A popular alternative to digging holes, mixing concrete and waiting for it to set
  • Multi-purpose foundation for a range of home improvement projects including decks, garden sheds, landings, pathways, raised walkways, cubby houses, dog shelters and more.

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Altitudes Pedestal System

Engineered for versatility

The DeckWise®, Altitudes Pedestal® System has been engineered to build perfectly horizontal decking over underutilized spaces such as sloped rooftops and plaza areas. Pedestals elevate and support 24″ x 24″ modular hardwood deck tiles over uneven concrete, rooftops, plazas, or walkways allowing anyone to build new beautiful living spaces.

easy to install

The Altitudes Pedestal® System enables anyone to easily and quickly build an elevated all-natural hardwood deck surface. Install deck tiles on sloped or uneven rooftops to hide service pipes, cabling, drains or service ducts without the need to construct extensive sub-framing. Build luxurious decking where it was once impossible into a gorgeous family or party area to enjoy for years to come.

simple yet effective

Pedestal systems utilize a head, a base and Schedule 40 PVC pipe to make installations simple for multiple height accommodations. The Altitudes Pedestal® System heads an bases have drainage holes for water; are exceptionally stable with 4” PVC Schedule 40 Plain End Pipe; and are resistant to freeze-thaw cycles from the use of 20% Talc added to a polypropylene resin.

Each pedestal system has the ability to accommodate multiple minimum heights. Choose from 4-5/32”, 2-21/32”, or 1-1/2” for the lowest heights (this includes PVC pipe) up to 24 inches at their maximum safe height.

Precise 3/16 inch spacer tabs are integrated into the head to produce perfect tile gap spacing. These tabs are easily punched out for deck tile placements where tabs are not needed; such as around corners or around circumferences for added support. Additional pedestals are needed when supporting heavy objects such as planters and grills.

Current minimum heights of the Altitudes Pedestal® System are:

SJB-4156 Screw-jack Base Pedestal: 4-5/32”
SPVC-2656 Stationary Base Pedestal: 2-21/32”
SPVC-15 Stationary Base Pedestal: 1-1/2”

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For Minimum Height of 4-5/32” inches

The screw-jack base works in combination with the standard self-levelling head for pitched roofs and uneven installation areas. The self-levelling head compensates for slopes from 0% up to 5% pitches. The screw-to-adjust (screw-jack) base makes final adjustments effortless for perfectly level hardwood deck tile surfaces.


For Minimum Height of 2-21/32 inches

This system uses a stationary base (non-adjustable) for areas with little slope or flat surfaces in combination with the self-levelling head. The self-levelling head will compensate for slopes from 0% to 5% pitches. It can be mixed and matched with the screw-jack base for multiple pitched surfaces.


For Minimum Height of 1-1/2 inches

As the shortest pedestal offered, it also uses a stationary base (non-adjustable) for installation areas with no slope. This system comes with a non-adjustable flat head for short level installation surfaces. These can be mixed and matched with the screw-jack base system and/or the taller stationary base system for areas with a wide range of slopes.


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