HOW TO: Apply Penofin Hardwood Oil Stain

See how Penofin Hardwood Oil brings this Southern California deck to life! Easy to apply and maintain, Penofin’s unique formula is designed specifically to enhance the grain and natural rich color of hardwoods like Ipe, Tigerwood, Batu, Teak, Mahogany, and many other hardwood species.

Only Penofin’s Hardwood Oil can penetrate dense hardwoods that need nourishing and stabilizing. This unique formula penetrates deep into the wood fibers and does not create a surface film. Unlike high-solid wood stains that simply coat the surface, Penofin’s Hardwood Finish, using sustainably harvested Brazilian Rosewood Oil, is the choice of wood experts who know that wood penetration is key to longevity and beauty.


Apply to clean, dry, bare wood. The wood should be cleaned initially with Penofin 1st Step Prep for Hardwood, to remove the mill glaze on the new wood. Always test an inconspicuos area to
ensure proper surface preparation and color selection. Protect, tarp or mask off any adjacent areas you do not wish to stain. Penofin is a penetrating finish and will penetrate any pourus surface.


  • Stir this product thouroughly before and during application.
  • Apply at temperatures above 45° . Penofin is stable under freeze/ thaw conditions. For optimum performance bring the stain to room temperature before application. Do not apply if the wood is hot to the touch.
  • Using a brush, stain pad, or plastic pump sprayer apply a moderate coat to the wood.
  • Allow Penofin 20-30 minutes to penetrate into the wood. This step is important as it allows the finish to coat the individual fibers of the wood, protecting your investment from the inside out.
  • After 20-30 minutes wipe the surface thoroughly with clean lint free cloths to remove any excess finish. This allows the pores of the dense hardwoods to acclimate to the environment & open further to accept the stain.
  • IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP: Soak any wiping cloths in a bucket of water to avoid the possibility of spontaneous combustion which can occur with any oil based product.

Penofin Hardwood Oil is a penetrating finish rather than a not a surface coating. Failure to wipe away excess product will allow the finish to dry on the surface of the wood and will result in a tacky finish.


Paint Thinner, Mineral Spriits


Apply an additional coat three to six months after first application. Keep the wood clean, free of debris or standing water for long periods of time. Twice yearly, clean the surface with Penofin Pro-Tech Cleaner Step 2. Follow with Penofin Pro-Tech Brightener Step 3, if wood has grayed or started to darken. Allow the wood to dry and simply coat any areas that might show wear or tear from furniture, weather or foot traffic with another light application of Penofin.


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