Planning, Demolishing and Building a Deck can be a huge undertaking for anyone – which is why we’ve come up with a handy list of 5 Innovative Tools for Building a Deck to help you get the job done properly.

These 5 products are as useful to Contractors (whose job it is to install Decks all year round) as they are to all those of you who are proud weekend warriors and enjoy taking on renovation projects themselves. We enjoy helping you reach that sense of accomplishment, which is why we spend so much time researching the best products available to ensure the best results – every time.

Remember – if you need help planning your project, or have specific request that you need help with, our experts are only ever a phonecall or email away.

Pick up one or more of these tools in-store today – and pretty soon you’ll be Building on Our Experience!

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1. Gutster Demo Bar


Gutster Demo Bars offer power and ease of use with ergonomic grips and a size and weight to suit you.

Demolishing an existing deck can be tiring work, which is why you need the right tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Luckily – the Gutster Demo-Bar is designed to make this job easy, so you can get on with framing and building your new deck!

48″ BAR
Perfect for all aspects of demolition. The 48″ bar can be used extensively while not tiring out the user, while providing a demolition tool that gets the toughest jobs done.

60″ BAR – $99.99 + tax (CAD)
The bar that gets rave reviews from flooring, decking, and roofing contractors. the additional length allows the user to maintain a vertical posture and reduces stress on the back.

View the Gutster Demo Bar in action!



The Grabber Joist Jaw makes framing a deck single handed a piece of cake!

2. The Grabber Joist Jaw

The joist Jaw is the perfect accessory for the Professional Wood Framer or work-alone Carpenter. Like a second pair of hands, the Joist Jaw holds up the rafters and joists, eliminating the need for two people. The Joist Jaw automatically levels the crossmember with the rimjoist or ledger giving the framer a “hands free” position while installing the joist hanger or other connectors. With just a couple of twists, the Joist Jaw clamps down on its target from the top or the bottom and holds your lumber tight!

This tool increases the accuracy and production of a 2 man framing crew whether they’re building a deck, a roof or a floor, saving time and money. The joist jaw is reusable and made of zinc plated durable steel.  For all 2x wood framing or less.

See how the Joist Jaw works (video)

The Grabber Joist Joist (2 per package) $39.98 + tax (CAD)



The Bowrench is a must for any deck builder wanting to easily correct and install a crooked deck plank.

3. Cepco Tool Bowrench

The only one man, self-locking board bender and tongue and groove joining tool! The Bowrench is an essential for installing strong, dense Hardwoods such as Ipe, Tigerwood, Batu and Mukulungu – but works just as well with more common woods like Western Red Cedar and also Composite Decking such as Trex, TimberTech.

Light and easy to operate – the Bowrench is capable of closing gaps up to 2-1/4″ and can speed up your workflow, as well as save you energy against fighting crooked deck boards.

See how easily the Bowrench corrects a crooked Deck plank (video)

Standard Features include:

  • Basic tool binds itself to any 2x (1-1/2″) joist.
  • Custom size grippers or adjustable grippers available from factory
  • Frees up hands and legs
  • Seconds to operate
  • Gripper swivels for angled decking
  • Interchangeable parts for pushing or pulling
  • Bends multiple boards
  • Left or right handedoperation
  • Powerful mechanical advantage
  • Heavy coated steel construction
  • Bends 1x (3/4″), 5/4 (1″)and 2x (1-1/2″) thicknesses

Bowrench Kit – $79.98 + tax (CAD)

4. FastCap Jig-A-Deck

Master your deck with the Jig-A-Deck. The Jig-A-Deck evenly spaces 4″ or 6″ wide decking with a 1/4″ gap and ensures that all your field and joint placement screws are perfectly aligned and in their exact position every time.

The Jig-A-Deck works exceptionally well with Hidden Fastener systems for Hardwood Decking like Ipe, Tigerwood, Batu or Mukulungu, where screw hole and plug placement is essential for that premium, seamless look. Click the link to find out about other Hardwood Decking Essentials.

Package of 2 – $29.98 + tax (CAD)


starborn-depth-setter5. Smart-Bit Deck Screw Depth Setter

This tool sets fasteners to the desired depth below the work surface, every time. The tool’s AUTO-STOP™ mechanism stops the screw at the set depth without stripping the screw recess. A free spinning stop collar with rubber o-ring protects the work surface from damage or marking. The Depth Setter works with Robertson®, Phillips® and Torx® bits and is designed for use with Starborn fasteners, although it works well with other fastener products as well.

Starborn Depth Setter – $29.99 + tax (CAD)

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