Our commitment to improving products and standards goes back to when the store first opened in 1921 – and we continue to look for ways in which we can add value to our loyal customers in the quality of products we supply.

In the first of a series of features on how quality should be considered just as important as price, we’re looking at how a recent change to one of our most popular product lines is saving us time, reducing our waste and leaving a lasting impression on satisfied customers.

The product in question is commonly used on custom homes and renovations all over the lower mainland and beyond. Fascia Board & Trim (also known as ‘Primed Fascia’ and ‘Sawtex’ which refers to the texture of the wood) is the product used widely around windows, doors – on the building fascade and corners to create a finished border for your Fiber Cement or Cedar Siding

More often than not – this primed SPF (spruce/pin/fir) product is painted white and – perhaps unsurprisingly therefore – it’s the first aspect of a building’s exterior to show any sign of wear and tear, with dirt, moss, mould or mildew visible on the surface.

Our Premium Pittsburgh Paints are formulated with the latest technology in Mould & Mildew Resistance.

PAINTS & STAINS real trim plus brochure

Up until Spring 2015, POCO Building Supplies was stocking an inferior grade, industry standard product called Pacific Trim which is the same material found at some of our competitors. Through feedback from our customers and wanting to cut down on waste as well as costs we decided to make the switch to a superior and therefore slightly more expensive product called Real Trim Plus.

Real Trim Plus Features & Benefits

  • Twice Hand selected
  • High Grade Appearance Quality Western Canadian SPF
  • 2 Coat Primer Application
  • Protective Primer Additive
  • 15 Year Manufacturers Warranty
Find out more about how POCO Building Supplies is committed to buying local, with sustainable business practices that strengthen the Canadian economy.

The reality for us is that by supplying a better quality of product, one that lasts longer and doesn’t need replacing so often, we actually sell less in the long run. We’re also less likely to sell related products like paints and stains, brushes and rollers needed for re-finishing and touch-ups.

For us – this is a comfortable trade off. We now spend less time grading or sorting material for orders, and we accumulate less waste within the product category due to the improved quality. Perhaps the most important end result however, is a happy customer who not only recognizes the value in the quality of the product supplied, but is also able to offset the increased price over the lifespan of the product. Not having to carry out regular maintenance or pay for costly repairs, is money in your pocket.

For more information about our Real Trim products – see the brochure below, or visit this page. Don’t forget to ask about our other WoodTone products such as Rustic Siding and Real Soffit.

Don’t worry – we’re still fiercely competitive with our pricing for small. medium and large projects and we’re confident that once you see the difference – you’ll see the value.

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