7 spring cleaning tips you can start today.

As the season changes from winter to spring, it’s time to think about sprucing up your home. Spring cleaning and home improvement projects are an excellent way to renew your living space and start fresh.  Plus, doesn’t it feel good to clear out the old stuff and make space for the new?

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1. Declutter Your Space

Get rid of items that you don’t need or use anymore. Clear out your closet, garage, and storage spaces. Donate clothes, toys, and household items to charity or sell them online.


2. Deep Clean Your Home

Now that you’ve decluttered, it’s time to deep clean your home. Dust and scrub all surfaces, floors, and carpets. Clean appliances, light fixtures, and blinds.  Clean & wash your exterior surfaces with a ready to use cleaner like 30 seconds.


30 Seconds cleans & removes algae, moss mildew


3. Refresh Your Home’s Decor

Make simple changes on the inside with curtains, throw pillows, or rugs to give a fresh look to your home. Add plants to your home as they can boost your mood and improve air quality.  Repeat for your outdoor space by switching out your old outdoor throw pillows and rugs. Add some solar lights, and new planters to make your outdoor living space feel brand new.


Add new decor to outdoor spaces this Spring


4. Check for Repairs

Check your home’s exterior for any repairs needed, such as broken windows or loose shingles. Check for leaks, cracks in walls or ceilings, and faulty electrical systems.


5. Update Your Landscaping

Add new plantings, fertilize the lawn, trim trees, and shrubs. Fresh soil and mulch can provide your yard with a new, polished look while also providing benefits such as moisture retention, weed suppression and even erosion prevention. Adding new outdoor lighting can give your yard a complete facelift.


Set the mood with new outdoor lighting


6.Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Spring is the ideal time to update your home’s energy-efficiency. Add weather stripping to doors and windows, change out light bulbs for LED ones, and install a smart thermostat.


7. Fresh Coat of Paint or stain

A fresh coat of paint can make all the difference. A new hue on walls or even just an accent wall can bring life to an interior room. Don’t forget any touch ups you’ve been putting off. We can provide paint matching services if needed.

Make sure to apply an annual maintenance coat to any horizontal wood surfaces and decks. Check to see if any of your vertical wood surfaces such as siding or fencing needs touching up.  Any chipping, peeling or wearing of your exterior wood finish means it’s time to give it some TLC.  We carry a wide selection of top brand exterior finishes that can help to beautify and protect your outdoor wood projects.

wood stain application

We carry Proluxe, Broda, Penofin, Osmo, Olympic and more!


in closing

Spring cleaning is an excellent way to renew your home’s vitality, energy, and reduce your stress levels. Keep in mind, that if all of these steps seems overwhelming at first, work on checking them off one by one throughout the next few months.  Allow yourself time, take breaks and ask for help with your bigger projects. By following these tips, you can create a welcoming and healthy environment that you and your family will enjoy for years to come!