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CBR BRODA® stains and clear­ coatings provide proven protection for wood, concrete, and stone – without harsh chemicals and odours. Water-based formulation means BRODA penetrates deep, even on damp days and clean-up is easy with soap and water.

Made right here in Vancouver (BC) BRODA is the #1 choice among local architects, builders and homeowners.  Use it on decks, siding, doors, floors, trim, bricks, driveways and basically anywhere you need to resist the elements and respect the environment.


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durable & easy to apply Wood Stain finish

BRODA® PRO-TEK-TOR Ideal as a deck or siding stain, PRO-TEK-TOR is a natural oil wood finish that is water-borne. This provides the best of both worlds – the durability of oil with low-VOC and easy cleanup. Oxide and trans-oxide pigments, (very finely ground colours), are suspended in linseed oil, tung oil and water. The addition of UV blockers and anti-mildew ingredients makes this family of coatings extremely durable, with no harsh solvent fumes and a rich, colourful finish available in more than 50 standard colours.



Natural Oil Wood Stain for Decks, Walls, Logs, Siding, Shakes, Timbers and other wooden surfaces. Time-tested Wood Stain Finishes. Easy maintenance.

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PRO-TEK-TOR Siding, Log & Timber (SLT)

• Exterior wood siding
• Wall shingles and shakes
• Soffits
• Logs and timbers
Product Usage and MSDS (PDF’s)
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PRO-TEK-TOR Deck & Rail (DR)

• Extra durable for horizontal surfaces
• Decks & Railings
• Fences & Outdoor furniture
• Docks
• Windows, Doors, Fascia boards
Product Usage and MSDS (PDF’s)
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Cedar Decking & Siding

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An acrylic coating made with ultra-small acrylic particles suspended in water. These acrylic coatings allow for fast, deep penetration on a variety of surfaces. Cold weather, high humidity, damp or dry substrates are no problem, allowing application virtually year-round in many climates. Perfect for many indoor projects or outdoor projects. Available in more than 50 standard colours.



Water-based Acrylic Coating For Wood Walls, Trim, Beams, and or other substrates Available in a Gloss Acrylic Finish or a Satin Acrylic Finish. An Acrylic Finish For Concrete, Stone and or Masonry is also available.

CLARITY Wood & Stone (WS)

• Interior and exterior wood & stone
• Clear Top Coat
• Tintable
Product Usage and MSDS (PDF’s)

CLARITY Masonry & Concrete (MC)

• Interior and exterior concrete, brick and masonry
• Clear Sealer
• Tintable
Product Usage and MSDS (PDF’s)



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Our toughest coating. Polyurethane is formulated with acrylic and oil in various combinations to create high performance, durable non-toxic coatings for floors, stairs, cabinets, trim and protected exterior applications. Available in more than 50 standard colours.

Each Polyurethane coating, whether for floors and stairs or for cabinets and trim, has been created to provide a natural water-based coating for most every wooden surface.




Water-based Urethane Coatings for Stairs, Floors, Railings, Trim, Furniture and other wooden substrates.


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PRO-THANE Ultra-Rich Floor & Stair (URFS)

• Slightly amber formula for a rich warm tone
• Interior Stairs & Railings
• Interior Wood Floors & Wood Furniture
Product Usage and MSDS (PDF’s)

PRO-THANE Ultra-Clear Floor & Stair (UCFS)

• Clear formula for true colour tone
• Interior Stairs & Railings
• Interior Wood Floors & Wooden Furniture
Product Usage and MSDS (PDF’s)

PRO-THANE Ultra-Rich Cabinet & Trim (URCT)

• Slightly amber formula for a rich warm tone
• Wood Cabinets, Shelves, Countertops & Wood Furniture
• Interior Wood Trim, Doors, Baseboards
Product Usage and MSDS (PDF’s)

PRO-THANE Ultra-Clear Cabinet & Trim (UCCT)

• Clear formula for a true colour tone
• Wood Cabinets, Shelves, Countertops
• Interior Wood Trim, Doors, Baseboards & Wooden Furniture
Product Usage and MSDS (PDF’s)


durable, flexible multi-surface coating

This premium, water-based elastomeric paint specially designed to form a durable flexible coating for wood, concrete and masonry. SEAL-HIDE helps fill small cracks and gaps while providing a breathable yet water-resistant membrane that can flex with variations in temperature and variations in humidity. Like all BRODA ® products, SEAL-HIDE elastomeric paints are safe to use, are low-VOC, low odour (low odour) and clean up easily using soap and water.



SEAL-HIDE Elastomeric Paint

BRODA® SEAL-HIDE – Water-based Elastomeric Paint. For Walls, Wood, Plywood, Concrete And Other Surfaces. A do-it-all coating that fills cracks and surface irregularities.

• Exterior wood
• Siding & Shingles
• Plywood
• Concrete & Cinder Block
• Products Usage and MSDS (pdf)

Factory Finishing Service

At POCO Building Supplies, we understand the needs of our customer – and that means we know that there are certain jobs where we can offer the value of a professional factory finishing service to you and your client, that maximises your efficiency and budget.

Custom stain tints?
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CBR Products provide the only solution available for custom tinted wood stains. Whilst other suppliers will sell you tinted paint to match your decor – paint does not penetrate and bond with wood like stain does and Broda Stains are the best available for lasting penetration and protection of your exterior wood products. The process is very ‘hands-on’, and CBR’s technicians will work with you to find the exact product and colour match for your requirements.

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