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easytrim.brand_.logos_.-BlackText-01The Fiber Cement Trim System by EasyTrim Reveals consists of 2 depths of extruded aluminum trim profiles that work together to create one complete system for Panel or Lap siding.

All EasyTrim Reveals trim profiles come in 10’ lengths and are made from ultra-durable 6063-T5 aluminum. EasyTrim Reveals are available in standard finishes and colours including clear silver anodized, black anodized, primed for site painting, and any custom colour through our ColorMatch™ program.

EasyTrim believes that a cladding system should not only be beautifully designed and easy to install, but it should also be cost-effective, durable, and designed to protect what’s behind it for years to come.

Lap & Panel Trim Systems

Compatible with every major fiber cement manufacturers’ 5/16″ sheets/panels and Lap Siding planks, EasyTrim Fiber Cement Trim System by EasyTrim Reveals replaces the outdated board and batten installation method, providing an exterior finish that is not only beautifully modern and painlessly easy to install but also built incredibly durable and features many patented water-management features.

EasyTrim Lap Trim system can not only be used with Fiber Cement product such as James Hardie or Allura, but also many Cedar Siding profiles.

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water management

Revolutionary water-management features built into a system specifically designed for outdoor use. EasyTrim’s patented and multi-purpose EZ.Bump creates a weather trough for moisture to drain from soffit to base uninterrupted. The EZ.Slope is both simple and astonishing. 8º slopes on the horizontal trim ledges keep the building free of dirt streaks and water collection.



An 8° slope on EasyTrim horizontal trim ledges keeps your building free of dirt streaks and water collection. This water shedding feature ensure that all standing dirt accumulation is eliminated and shed away from the building. No matter how white your building has been designed to be, with the EasyTrim system, your building stays the cleanest of white.



EasyTrim’s patented and multi-purpose EZ.BumpTM not only provides revolutionary water-management to protect your building and fiber cement, it provides clean fit-&-finish allowing horizontal trims to neatly and smoothly slot into our vertical trims producing terminations without any dangerous sharp edges.


EZ.LockTM – 2 piece assembly

EasyTrim’s high-efficiency 2-piece assemblies ensure maximum edge protection to your siding & significantly speed up the installation process by providing open, “tab-free” areas to quickly place fiber cement on the wall. The top cap is easily snapped into place to complete the assembly.  EZ.Lock Trim Technology can be found on main body verticals, corners, window, and soffit trims.



EZ.lap trim system

EasyTrim’s LAP trim system provides even greater symmetry and holding power by providing 3/4” tabs on every corner.


Symmetry. Balance. Free of Caulking. Holding power to keep it all together.


This 3/4″ tab not only provides enough depth to install both Fiber Cement Lap or Cedar Siding, but also provides a deep reveal that allows installation of short planks around windows and other features.

Whereas longer planks can be bent during installation between two pieces of trim, shorter planks have to be angled in, positioned and nailed in place and it’s here that this detail is most valuable in providing an uncompromised, clean aesthetic.


Request A Quote or further information. EasyTrim offers free samples and we can also do a complete take-off to determine building code requirements and a complete material list for your project.


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uncompromised aesthetics
unparalleled beauty

As well as the widest array of attractive profiles and finishes to suit a variety of siding needs, EasyTrim offers the industries tallest and thickest gauge nailing flange available for use with fiber cement. Unlike other trims with thin flanges, EasyTrim can be fastened with a pneumatic nailing gun and double hot dipped galvanized siding nails.

Design at any angle.


EasyTrim offers Multi-Angle Corner profiles available in all 3 series an, industry first, providing complete design freedom.

Blind nailed. Beautiful.


Every EasyTrim Reveals Profile is blind nailed, hiding all fasteners and therefore reducing the eye-sore associated with over-driven nails – or the extra work associated with under driven nails.

Big. Bold. Beautiful.


EasyTrim Extruded Profiles are made from ultra-durable 6063-T5 aluminum and are extra thick for the nailing gun.

no limitations with


EasyTrim Reveals are available in a number of standard finishes and colours including clear silver anodized, black anodized, or primed for site painting.

With the ColorMatchTM paint program, you can now design with any colour in mind. Every major fiber cement manufacturers’ colours are on hand and ready to go, or simply send in a colour code or physical sample and we will match to that.

Corporate or custom, colours are no challenge. Gain peace of mind with our 15-year ColorLockTM warranty included on every ColorMatchTM profile.



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