With the arrival of Fall – it’s time to start preparing your home for cold and wet weather. Plugging holes in leaking concrete, or cracks in walls can save you money on expensive repairs – or make your home more energy-efficient. Learn about Concrete Repair with advice from the experts at Basalite Concrete

STEP 1 – Find Your Project


TIP: Inspect surfaces around your home for cracks or holes to repair. Take measurements of the area that needs repairing so you can calculate how much product to buy.

STEP 2 – Select the right Product

Some Concrete Repair products are only suitable for small remedial fixes – whereas others are suited to filling larger gaps or cracks. Choosing the right product is important to getting the job done right – so research online or in-store which is most suited to your project.


TIP: Certain Concrete Repair products have multiple uses – so taking photographs can help you and your supplier determine which product is best to use.

STEP 3 – Watch the ‘How-To’ Video

These short How-To Videos are designed to help you visualize your project – so browse through the list below and spend a couple of minutes learning from the experts how to get the best results.

VIDEO 1 – How To Repair Mortar

VIDEO 2 – How To Repair a Concrete Slab

VIDEO 3 – How To Patch Cement

VIDEO 4 – How To Resurface Concrete

VIDEO 5 – How To Repair Leaks in Concrete

VIDEO 6 – How To Patch Asphalt


Remember if you get stuck – call or visit us for friendly, helpful advice. We pride ourselves on providing the best Customer Service Experience with help selecting the right products. For more product features and How-To Videos and advice, visit our Video Library or for News, and other helpful articles – visit our Blog