Safe, Strong and Low Maintenance Add a touch of class to you deck Railing

If you’re looking to add a low maintenance safety feature to your deck you can quickly add a touch of class and even increase the value of your property, choose ProBuilt Aluminum Railing. The patented easy-to-assemble components offer a practical, solution that’s guaranteed to enhance your home’s curb appeal while reducing costly maintenance. ProBuilt Aluminum Railing looks great all year round – year after year, without the backbreaking work of sanding and refinishing traditional wooden balusters.

ProBuilt Aluminum Railing

With Wide Picket, Straight Picket and Glass Infill options available, ProBuilt Aluminum Railing is your ideal solution for simple to assemble deck railing and stair railing. ProBuilt’s handrail system can also safely and elegantly enclose sun decks, balconies and swimming pools.

Use ProBuilt Aluminum Deck Railing on staircases, or to safely and elegantly enclose decks, balconies or porches. Our handy quoting software can even provide a detailed take-off of material a handy cut list and easy to use installation instructions – so contact us today and discover how the Pro’s Build it!



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BWC ProBuilt Glass Railing lifestyle




standard colours



Easy Installation

Unlike other aluminum deck railing products, ProBuilt aluminum railing is designed to be simple to assemble. All ProBuilt aluminum railing systems (posts, rails, spacers and pickets) slide and snap into place in less than 10 simple steps for professional-looking results.

Long Lasting Quality

ProBuilt offers what we believe is simply the highest quality and highest value product on the market today. ProBuilt railings are fabricated using the latest technology in aluminum alloys and exterior metal coatings. Paint is formulated to exceed the toughest standards in the industry.

Low Maintenance Guaranteed

ProBuilt aluminum Railings are finished with high-quality urethane powder coat paint. No rusting, rotting, or repainting! We guarantee that the standard ProBuilt factory paint finishes on our residential aluminum railings will not split, peel, flake, or blister for as long as you own your railing. Please refer to complete Limited Lifetime Warranty and Maintenance information. View Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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probuilt Diamond Series

Unlike other manufacturers who simply import a railing product, ProBuilt has its own paint line. This enables ProBuilt to ensure quality control and the efficiency to turn around colours in a timely manner.


All Diamond Series Colours require a $100 custom colour set up charge plus an additional 40% premium on standard Railing pricing. Manufacturing lead-time required is approx. 4 weeks from date ordered + transit

Aluminum Railing works great with
Composite Decking

Before you consider purchasing a competitor railing system

find out why you should choose ProBuilt aluminum railings:


Patented SNAP & WRAP Spacers

These provide that clean and continuous look.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Most other systems only offer between 5-20 years

Screws Included

All ProBuilt posts come with all necessary screws for railing assembly. (Please note this does not include the railing posts to deck fasteners as these vary from one application to the next)

Multiple corners & stair rail options

ProBuilt’s unique and easy to use stair rail system will not only give you a better looking finished product but save you time and money vs. other brackets (knuckle) systems. ProBuilt’s UAB for custom level angles is easy to use, but yet still maintains that clean and continuous look.

Estimating Software

Our ProBuilt Planner Estimating Software service can provide you with a deck drawing, complete material list and best of all a cut list for the top & bottom rail. This cut list will provide you with the locations of these cut pieces; preventing wasted material or miss cut pieces.

Colours, Colours, Colours

Unlike others who simply import a railing product, ProBuilt has its own paint line. This enables ProBuilt to ensure quality control and the efficiency to turn around colours in a timely manner. ProBuilt offers 4 stock and 12 special order powder-coated paint colours to choose from.

Base Plate Covers

provide the finished look. No more unsightly screw heads.

Easy as 1…2…3

ProBuilt is the easiest system on the market to install.

the easiest system to install.
Installation Tips & Advice
  • Hacksaw or 10″ Mitre Saw with thin (Kerf) Blade
  • Electric Drill
  • 1/8″ and 3/16″ Drill Bits
  • 3/8″ and 1/2″ Hex Head Driver
  • No.2 Square Screwdriver
  • Measuring Tape
  • Neutral Cure Silicone for exterior purposes
  • Rubber Mallet



Important Note:

Building codes may vary. Always comply with all applicable building codes. Please ensure to check your local building codes and building permit requirements prior to installation. Please check areas to be drilled are free from utilities, services and hazards.

Commercial or Multi Family Railing

With Vista Pro Aluminum Railing - we have the solution to your Commercial and Multi-Family Railing needs.

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