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POCO Building Supplies is proud to offer Canadian Made Aluminum Railing, partnering with industry-leading manufacturer Century Aluminum Railings.

Century Aluminum Railings is a division of CenDek Railings Ltd. located in Summerland, British Columbia, Canada, with roots were planted in the building industry over 36 years ago.

Century Aluminum Railing’s reputation is built on a long-standing history of providing top quality railing systems to the do-it-yourself homeowner, professional contractor and large-scale commercial developers.


When it comes to railings both the home and business owners want to make sure the product they are purchasing is durable, easy to mount, allows views to stay intact and is safe. You can reap all these benefits and cost efficiency with a picket railing system.

Aluminum picket deck railings are much superior when compared to wrought iron. The benefits of using aluminum picket railing for your fencing is that it is more durable and a much stronger alternative. This railing type offers safety for the customer along with the style that suits their needs. It is cost effective as well and is the staple for many deck projects due to its long lifespan.

Century’s component picket railings were designed with both the do-it-yourself homeowner and contractor in mind. The easy to install system will allow you to enjoy your deck or get on to the next job site quicker. In all DIY installation, local building code officials should be checked. Picket Railings at Century are available in 42 inch or 36 tall systems, in both narrow and wide pickets in all three standard colors. A continuous bottom rail design and hidden welds add a top of the line aesthetic to this product.

A 20-year limited warranty is provided on Century railings to give the buyer peace of mind knowing they made the right choice.

4 Benefits of using aluminum picket railings


1. Easy to install

This style of fencing is easy to install and doesn’t require a lot of time. Both contractors and do it yourself homeowners love the simplicity of picket railings.

2. Various options

There are different sizing and color options to select from giving the homeowner to be able to make decisions about aesthetics.

3. Low Maintenance

Aluminum picket railings don\’t require maintenance after installation. Once they are installed you are good to go. You may want to rinse or wipe them down seasonally depending on the color you select.

4. Durable, Strong and Secure

The durable premium powder coated finish protects that railings against environmental elements making the product long-lasting. Aluminum picket railings are strong and can withstand high winds and also allows the space to have a security barrier.

Key Features of picket deck railings:

  • Pre-punched bottom rails (no spacers)
  • Contractor approved
  • Premium powder coated aluminum (won’t rust)
  • Heavy-duty construction (no exposed welds or cuts)
  • Continuous bottom rail design
  • Contemporary round top design
  • Radius milled pickets
  • 2.5” and 4” square posts


Glass deck railings are a beautiful option when wanting to add elegance to any property. Glass railings are the ideal choice for any property because they add that sleek finish look for that rooftop patio or a pool enclosure. Around the pool area or rooftop, a clear view becomes a matter of safety and importance. Since they feature a frame and top rail, these railing systems are also great for stairs and raised platforms, allowing guests to place their hands along the top rail for support or a sense of security. First, glass railings are a very safe option for raised platforms. As glass doesn’t wear out, deteriorate, or rot, sturdy glass railings can be expected to remain safe and dependable throughout their entire lifetime.

5 Benefits of glass deck railings


1. Unobstructed view

The last thing a homeowner wants is to cover their view with a railing. With frameless glass railings, you can create a barrier without losing sight of your stunning view. There might be areas in your space that you would like a bit of privacy such as your hot tub or your deck for private parties. Glass can be frosted in for those particular areas which ultimately makes glass railings a highly customizable product.

2. Easy Maintenance

Generally, glass railings will easily clean up with a quick sponge. Homes with small children or pets may require a bit more upkeep. However, compared to traditional wood railings which require regular upkeep such as sanding and staining glass railings are low maintenance and keep well against natural elements.

3. Durability

Treated glass and aluminum railings don’t corrode when exposed to elements such as snow and water or chlorine from the pool. The glass surface is also able to tolerate extreme temperatures.

4. Safety

Tempered glass is strong and sturdy against breaks. With solid glass panels, there is no fear of children or pets falling through. Instead, you enjoy the view without climbing the rails.

5. Flexibility

Glass railings have a wide variety of tinted glass panels to select from and colors for other components. Installation options vary based on framed and frameless selections.


When your view is your primary selling feature then scenic railings is your best bet. Scenic deck railings is a railing type that allows both the home or business owner to appreciate their beautiful scenic view while having a fully functional and reliable railing system. The key identifier of this product is that it doesn’t have a framed in top or bottom. This feature makes scenic railings sleek and elegant. With railings, safety is always a priority and with scenic railings, there is no worry for the safety of your family, guests, and pets.

Scenic deck railings are ideal for smaller to much larger spaces such as cottage decks, lakeside restaurant patios, and commercial properties. Home and business owners love this product because it is also a DIY aluminum railing system which makes this product cost-efficient.

Our scenic deck railings are made available in custom colours to meet your design needs to match the flooring or surrounding space of your patio, cottage and more. On scenic railings, there is no top or bottom rail to obstruct the view and it can be applied to both glass and picket railings. Picket railings come in various size and design options to fit quite a number of openings.


The installation of the scenic deck railings system is simple. Residential and commercial installations differ. Always check with local building codes prior to purchasing and installing this product. This railing type may not be approved as a guard railing in some jurisdictions. Check with your local building inspection authority prior to purchasing to ensure this product is code compliant for your intended usage.  It is the sole responsibility of the homeowner/contractor to comply with local building codes.

Summary of benefits of the scenic deck railing system

  • 10 mm tempered glass. Making the glass strong enough against wind and natural elements
  • Contractor approved
  • 100% compatible with other Century products
  • Premium powder coated aluminum. This makes the aluminum rust free
  • Heavy duty construction. Makes the product last a long time.
  • Easy to install by the home or business owner. Helps with cost savings
  • Virtually maintenance free. Install it and go.
  • Contemporary design. For the modern look.
  • No top or bottom rails. Sleek and current design.
  • Unobstructed view. Preserve the beauty of your surroundings.


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