Nextstone Faux Stone Siding

NextStone TM is a uniquely formulated polyurethane with UV inhibitors and fire retardants. The proprietary in mold coatings are chemically bonded with the molded surface of the panel. Panels are easily cut, no special tools required. The screw strip acts as a guide for attachment and is covered by the overlap of the next panel. NextStone’s patented interlock and weep channel technology provide a realistic finish with outstanding durability. Backed by a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty.


NextStone™ Slatestone Panel

Available in eight designer colors. Panel dimensions are 8 ¼” x 43″ x 1 ¾” and cover 2.14 square feet. Stones vary from ⅝” to 2 ⅛” in height.


Rundle Ridge


Rocky Mountain Graphite






Midnight Ash


Brunswick Brown



NextStone™ Stacked Stone Panel

Available in six designer colors. Stacked Stone panels are 13¼” x 46 ½” x 1 ½” and cover 3.63 square feet. Stones vary from ¾” to 1 ¾” in height.


Bedford Charcoal


Carolina Cocoa


Kentucky Gray


Sandy Buff


Walnut Brown


Volcanic Gray



NextStone™ Random Rock Panel

Available in six designer colors. Random Rock panels are 15½” x 48″ x 1½” and cover 4.75 square feet. Stones vary from 3 1/2″ to 7 1/2″ in height.


New England Mocha


Desert Buff


Mountain Shadow


Tri Buff


Tri Sedona Red


Tri Gray

NextStone™ Recommended  Accessories

Flush Outside Corners interlock with panels for a wrap around look.


Slatestone Outside Corner

  • Stacked Stone Flush Outside Corner 13 ¾ ” x 4 ¼ ” x 13 ¼” (2 pieces shown)


Stacked Stone Outside Corner

  • Slatestone Outside Corner 12 ¾” x 4 ½” x 8 ¼” (2 Pieces Shown)


Random Rock Outside Corner

Random Rock Outside Corner 7″ x 11″ x 15 ½”Caulk Free Corners extend out from the wall and have a solid Sandstone finish that will match other Sandstone accessories. Corners can either be stacked or finished with Ledger and Ledger Corners.

Sandstone Ledger and Ledger Corners

Provides a sloped sill for water run-off and a traditional look to finish off a wainscot or other sill applications.


Ledger Outside Corner

Ledger Outside Corner 4 ¼” x 6 ¼” x 2 ½”


Ledger Inside Corner

Ledger Inside Corner 9 ¾” x 7 ⅝” x 2 ½”



Ledger 2 ½” x 4″ x 48″
Colors: Brown, Buff, Charcoal, Graphite, Gray, Onyx, Red

Sandstone Window and Door Trim

Can be used around doors and windows or to terminate a NextStone™ panel application.


Window & Door Trim

2 ¼” x 3 ½” x 48″
Colors: Brown, Buff, Charcoal, Graphite, Gray, Onyx, Red


Mounting Blocks

Used behind hose bibs, electrical boxes, light fixtures, exterior lights or address block to provide a flush mounting surface and watertight installation.


Mounting Block – Large

Large Mounting Blocks
10″ x 13″ x 2 ¼”


Mounting Block Small

Small Mounting Blocks 8″ x 9″ x 2 ¼”
Colors: Brown, Buff, Charcoal, Graphite, Gray, Onyx, Red

Starter Strip

Start and lock in the first course of panels.


Metal Starter Strip

Touch-Up Paint Kit
Finish cut ends and cover surface damage. Available in all colors.


Paint Touch-up Kit

Simulated mortar grout for sealing miter joints and general touch up. Colors: Buff, Gray, Red


Flexx Caulk


Installation Instructions

Nextstone Faux Stone Panels

• Easy Installation with standard tools
• Unique interlocking system hides fasteners
• Lightweight – handled easily by a single installer
• Durable – Proven Polyurethane product with specially developed in-mold coating system for long life
• Versatile – Use on interior or exterior walls, knee walls, wainscoting, facades, islands, patio enclosures
• Energy Savings with Increased R-Value
• Low Maintenance
• 20 Year Warranty

Nextstone 3-Step Installation:

  1. Install starter strip.
  2. Place first row firmly into groove in starter strip and fasten through tongue in top of panel.
  3. Place groove of next panel into slot of last and repeat….

To highlight how quick and easy it is to install Nextstone – we will look in comparison at costs and installation of Real or manufactured Stone Siding

Real or Manufactured Stone 7-step Installation:

  1. Apply felt to prevent moisture from mortar entering wall.
  2. Metal Lath nailed every 6″ on studs and overlapped 2″ on sides and ends.
  3. Mortar scratch coat 1/2″ thick. Let dry overnight.
  4. Lay out Pattern on ground. Stones can vary in color and need to be organized before installation. Shape and score corners using a grinder and brick hammer.
  5. Prepare for installation. Dampen back of stones and wall with spray bottle to ensure proper adhesion of mortar.
  6. Install. Back butter each stone and place, being careful to not get mortar on the face of stones. Allow to cure for 24 hours.
  7. Apply grout to joints between stones and let dry for 1 hour. Sand grout to create even finish. Allow to cure for 48 hours and seal if required.


Cost Comparisons…

It’s quite obvious by the amount of steps required that real stone installations are far more expensive than Nextstone, which most customers could install themselves. Labour costs to install stone seem to start around $8-$12/sq.ft

Materials are close in price with Nextstone starting at around $14/sq.ft. compared to real or composite stone which starts at around $8 + $3-5/sq.ft. for mortar, lath and grout, making Nextone around half the price of installed Real or Manufactured Stone.

Installation Video

NextStone™ Product Test Data

NextStone™ has conducted extensive testing on its products and proprietary coating system. The details and results of the testing are as follows:

NextStone™ Hardness / Adhesion Test
Test Purpose: The hardness / adhesion of the coating to the substrate depends on the process used to finish the substrate, the coating thickness and the drying of the coating.
Test Results: Minimum hardness requirements based on anticipated use were met. Required class for adhesion was also met.

NextStone™ Xenon Test
Test Purpose: In the natural environment, rupture may occur due to the factors of temperature, humidity, sunlight and oxidation resulting in the color, gloss, hardness, adhesion and flexibility of the coating being changed. We use the ARC Artificially Accelerated aging test to measure the weathering resistance of the coating.
Test Results: No evidence of surface deterioration, surface shrinkage, objectionable color or gloss change, delimitation, lifting, cracking, pitting, blistering or other degradation.

NextStone™ Salt Spray Test
Test Purpose: Rusting, bubbling and fading can occur due to salt spray on all materials. This is especially true when the product is used around the seaside, at the beach and in industrial districts which have high strength salt spray (fog).
Test Results: No rusting, bubbling or fading occurred.

NextStone™ Hot / Cold Cycle Test
Test Purpose: The process for the hot / cold cycle test is as follows: The total cycle time is 5-10 cycles. The sample is put at a constant temperature of –20 degrees C for two hours and then at 50 degrees C constant temperature for 2 hours. The sample is then visually inspected for cracks, blistering or other visible damage.
Test Results: No cracking, blistering, etc was observed.

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