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Our range of Concrete Products covers a variety of needs for both Builders and Home Owners. From dry bagged goods like Concrete Mix or Play Sand, to more specialist items like Countertop Mix and Flocrete. Our range also includes pre-formed items, such as Pier Blocks, Cement Patio Slabs, Allan Block and Landscaping Blocks. In-store our designated Concrete isle is filled with a wide range of Concrete Repair products in a variety of handy sizes all of which come with the expert advice you need to get the job done right first time.

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Bagged Concrete Products

From setting Fence Posts to Pouring a Concrete Slab or Concrete Countertop. Our range of bagged Concrete Products will have you set in no time. We even have a variety of Concrete Colorants to tint your standard grey concrete to a range of pre-mixed colours.

BAGGED concrete & Accessories
  • Ready Mix Concrete
  • Post Haste / Rapid Post / Fast Set Concrete
  • Portland Cement / Type 10 Hydraulic Cement
  • Bonded Topping Mix
  • Mortar Cement
  • Mason Mix (Type S Mortar)
  • Play Sand
  • Sand Topping Mix
  • Mortar/Masonry Mix
  • Expanding Grout
  • PSI 6000
  • Flocrete
  • Countertop Mix
  • SONO Tubes (Concrete Forms)
  • Rebar 1/2″ (10mm) and 5/8″ (15mm) upto 20′


Concrete Repair Products

Even the most perfect Concrete pour may suffer from the odd crack over time. Luckily, with the help of Basalite’s 2-Step Concrete Repair Centre, we can help you diagnose the problem and find the right solution, with a range of Concrete Repair and Cleaning Products to help you troubleshoot your way to success.

Concrete Repair
  • Mortar Repair – Crack Filler
  • Concrete Crack Filler
  • Flow Stone Anchoring Cement
  • Fast Patch Concrete Repair
  • Plug Tite Instant Water Plug
  • Flo-Coat Resurfacer
  • Top ‘ Bond Self Bonding Cement
  • Concrete & Driveway Cleaners


Find your solution with our
Formed Concrete Products
  • Pier Block – Slotted for Post/Joists
  • Pier Block – With Hole for Rebar/Saddle
  • Patio Slabs – Varying Sizes/Shapes/Thicknesses
    • Natural (Grey)
    • Brick (Red)
    • Exposed Aggregate
  • Concrete Stair Treads
  • Garden Wall Stack
  • Allan Block


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