Fall and Winter months represent the best time of year to tackle interior projects and adding fresh paint to brighten up your decor can breath new life into your home. Colour is the one design element that can completely transform a room and is also the least expensive and easiest way to refresh a space.

Before you start painting to your walls, you need to be sure you’ve selected the right colour for your space. Follow these Designer Tips to ensure your room makeover is a success.

A simple tip can go a long way in making a space more than just painted walls. The tips here require very little, if any, extra work, but the payoff is a more designed, more beautiful, more personalized space!

Interior Design Rules to Live By

Add Colour, but use it wisely

Colour is the best way to transform a room, but too much can be overpowering and the wrong combinations can ruin any space. Adding colour to white walls can make a huge difference, but be sure you’ve selected the right color for your space. You can use our paint colour visualizer for help.

Art as Inspiration

If you have a piece of art that you love, but don’t know how to decorate around it, choose your two favorite colours from the piece and use them in various instances throughout the room. You’ll be amazed at how a piece of artwork can become central to your room’s decor without losing any aesthetic value or authenticity.

Don’t keep it in the Closet


Lacking ideas when it comes to choosing a colour theme? Pull inspiration from your wardrobe. Head to your closet for inspiration. If there is a specific colour or colours that you love to wear you may also love them on your walls.

Get Away at Home


Bring the outside inside. Find colors from your favourite vacation spot to bring into your home. If you love the beach, look there for inspirational beige’s, greens and blues. Love the woods? Look for deep, earthy browns and greens to feel closer to nature.

Video Feature

Many projects start with picking a paint colour, but you might be surprised to know that many Interior Designers recommend that you choose your paint colour last. Find out why in this short video feature.

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