With Spring fast approaching – and many of us thinking about more time outdoors, many of our recent blog posts have been about exteriors and how to transform decked areas and patio spaces, but let’s now take a step back inside the home and look at the kind of terminology associated with Interior Moulding.

The term ‘finishing‘ covers a wide variety of aspects of interior and indeed exterior design, with windows, doors, moulding and trim all falling into this category. Mouldings, in particular, encompasses much more than you probably realize and the words used to describe these products, whilst commonplace to industry insiders, designers and professionals – might not be quite so obvious to your average homeowner.

Metrie – alongside a team of renowned interior designers, are pushing the boundaries of how these products are used – and teaching us new ways to make-over a room using traditional mouldings with eye-catching results.

In this short video from industry leaders Metrie, celebrity designers Amanda Forest and Andrew Pike take to the streets of Toronto and NYC to hear what everyday people think of when they hear the word “moulding” and learn that few of us really know the potential and impact of interior finishings to designing our spaces.

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