Cabot manufactures exterior wood stains, protective wood finishes and surface preparation products for both residential and commercial applications. Made using only the finest-grade oils and pigments, you’ll find heritage, pride and commitment in every can. Cabot offers only the finest quality products that treat your wood surfaces with the greatest respect – products specially formulated to ensure beautiful long-lasting results. cabot_wood_stain_application


Made for the Outback, Perfect for Your Back Deck

Cabot Australian Timber Oil for Decking, Siding, Railings and Outdoor Furniture is a unique blend of oils originally formulated to protect dense tallowwood, cambara and merbau from the extreme Australian exposures. This means that when applied to open cell softwoods like Western Red Cedar, the protection it offers is amplified. Australian Timber Oil penetrates deep into woods to accentuate natural grain and patina. Containing a precise blend of superb-grade linseed oil for maximum penetration, long-oil alkyds for durability and pure South American tung oil for colour depth and water repellency, Australian Timber Oil delivers three-way oil protection and a beautiful hardwood stain. In addition, complex translucent iron oxide pigments are added to ensure a lasting U.V.-absorbing surface rich with colour and dimension. The result after years of development is an advanced-technology treatment of unrivalled performance designed to protect your exotic wood surfaces like never before.

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Cabot Australian Timber Oil

  • Oil-based Exterior Wood Finish
  • 3-way oil protection for superior penetration
  • Ideal for decks, siding, railings, and outdoor furniture
  • Covers approximately 250-350  square feet per gallon
  • Available in 5 pre-mixed colours

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1. SUPERB GRADE LINSEED OIL Formulated using the highest-quality, most consistent and purest linseed oil available. Provides superior penetration into wood surfaces, significantly more effective than raw or refined linseed oil; accentuates the texture and grain of the wood. 2. PREMIUM TUNG OIL Derived from the tung tree nut, tung oil is a time-tested wood care ingredient. Tung Oil penetrates deep into hardwood surfaces to increase water repellency. It also remains flexible and will not flake or peel over time. 3. LONG LIFE ALKYDS A tough resin and binder in oil-based coatings. Long-oil alkyds impart lasting durability to heavy-traffic surfaces and assist in dry time.


Unfinished Cedar



Cabot ATO Mahogany Flame on Cedar


the desirable look of barnwood

Cabot Bleaching Stain is uniquely formulated to accelerate the natural weathering process of uncoated exterior wood. It contains a small amount of grey pigment and a chemical ingredient that actually bleaches the wood’s surface. When first applied, this product gives a delicate grey tone, and during the first few months’ exposure, it gradually turns into a beautiful, natural driftwood grey colour. This weathered effect, if derived from nature, would require many years of harsh exposure, which often turns wood dark and uneven in appearance. Cabot Bleaching Stain produces a self-protecting finish and achieves a uniform weathered look in only 3 to 6 months.

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Cabot Bleaching Stain Gal

quick facts
  • 100% Acrylic
  • Self-protective finish
  • Natural Driftwood or Barwood Grey finish for wood
  • Approximately 300–400 sq. ft. (33–42 m2) per gallon.

Use on new or reconditioned exterior wood siding, shingles and shakes.


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Problem Solver® Wood Cleaner is an excellent deck cleaner and wood cleaner ideal for cleaning decks, siding and fences prior to staining Removes dirt, algae stains and mildew stains Available in ready-to-use and value concentrate formulas.

Cabot Problem Solver

Product Features

Cabot® Ready-to-Use Problem Solver® Wood Cleaner is specially formulated to remove mildew stains, mould stains, algae stains, dirt and other foreign matter from all painted, stained, unfinished or weathered wood surfaces. Use for routine cleaning and for properly preparing all surfaces prior to staining or painting. Coverage: This ready-to-use wood and deck cleaner covers approximately 200 sq. ft. per gallon (3.78 L). This concentrated formula dilutes to cover 1000 sq. ft. per gallon bottle. Where to Use: Use on exterior wood decks, siding, fences, railings, steps and most exterior surfaces including aluminum, vinyl, plastic and masonry.

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