Your front door is one of the first things everyone sees when pulling up to your house. 

An easy way to make a lasting impression and add curb appeal is to paint your door a bold & bright colour. 



Make sure the new colour you choose compliments your home’s existing colour scheme. For example, if your house is white then you have free reign to get creative and go for pretty much anything you fancy. Whereas a grey home works really well with bright yellows or oranges, and even lime green!



There are so many shades to choose from so try to narrow down the colour and bring home as many swatches as you can find. From there, choose 2-3 of your favourite hues to buy in sample paint and paint larger swatches on a board. Place the board near your door, leave for a couple of days, then pick your favourite.


Red Door on White Building

If you’ve got a beige colour scheme, try a crisp white, a bright red or even a deep green.


Once you decide on the perfect colour, get down to your local hardware store to buy a good quality exterior paint and get to work!


Modern interior with door camouflaged with wall

Add some colour and brighten up your interior doors too!