Winter is a great time to tackle any number of indoor projects you’ve been putting off, like updating your kitchen cabinets.

If you don’t have a full kitchen renovation in the budget, don’t worry, you can change the whole look of your kitchen by simply painting your cabinets! Imagine brightening up those dark & dated wood cabinets with a crisp & clean white paint! Finish by replacing the old hardware with more modern ones, and voila! Your kitchen will feel fresh and new.

To get started, make sure you have all the tools you need; drop cloths, liquid sandpaper, bonding primer, brush or roller (depending on the cabinet style), painters tape, rags, chosen colour of latex paint, tack cloth, sanding paper, and screwdriver, new handles and pulls if applicable.

STEP 1 get organized

Start by laying your drop cloths and Tape any wall areas you don’t want to paint using good quality painters masking tape. The good stuff is easier to remove when you’re done!

Painting your kitchen cabinets

STEP 2 disassemble

Remove your cabinet doors and drawers and place in an area prepared for painting. Remove all hardware including hinges, pulls and handles.

PRO TIP: Put these in a ziplock bag with all the screws, so that when the time comes to re-attach them, you’re not missing any screws. Some Cabinet hardware screws are very specific and can be quite difficult to replace.

STEP 3 prep for paint

Use liquid sandpaper to remove the gloss layer from door & drawer fronts. Follow by lightly sanding surfaces smooth and then remove any dust with tack cloth. Now you’re ready to apply a primer.

Prepare for painting of kitchen cabinets

STEP 4 prime

Apply a coat of bonding primer along the grain. Use long strokes to keep a smooth finish. Allow surface to dry according to directions on the can.

STEP 5 finish

Next, apply your latex paint colour. We recommend applying at least 2 coats (3 is even better) of PPG Paints Manor Hall Interior in Semi-Gloss to keep the surfaces smooth and easy to clean. For best results, allow the paint to dry and fully cure overnight before reattaching the hardware and reinstalling the doors and drawers.

Finish -choose your color

STEP 6 – Clean Up

Remove your masking tape, clear up the clutter and invite your friend over for a meal to see your bright “new” kitchen!

Clean up your painted kitchen