Neutral Tones Paint- Home Design

Neutral Tones offer versatility when decorating

Afraid of commitment to a paint colour scheme? Our advice…start with Neutral Tones. By keeping your walls a neutral colour, you can easily add colour accents and personality accessories, like rugs, throw pillows, plants and wall art.


With tones as varied as driftwood gray and creamy latte, neutrals are anything but boring. Grey isn’t just grey — it comes in a wide variety of intensities and shades, with subtle nuances that add a designer approach to any decor. And the right shade is a matter of personal preference. For example – rather than looking harsh, the cool gray used on the walls of this bedroom (below) get cozied up with warm wood flooring and framing around the French doors and interior windowpane.


“First find out what emotion you want your space to play into — airy, earthbound, dramatic — then proceed to choose your color from there,” says designer and PPG Pittsburgh Paints color and design adviser Vicente Wolf.

Design neutral gives you the freedom to change things up, and easily transform your space, should you get bored.

Not sure how to pick the right neutrals for your home? Stop by and talk to one of our paint experts to help you choose.


Already found the perfect neutral? Bring the sample to our store and we’ll colour match it!


Images Courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens

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