One of the most rewarding aspects of our industry – is seeing materials we supply take shape on Commercial & Residential job-sites across the lower mainland. Undoubtedly one of the most exciting and high profile projects of 2016 is a feature called ‘Megabench’ at the Foot of Lonsdale Public Plaza.

Situated right on the waterfront between Carrie Cates Court and the Shipyards Night Market (near the Tap & Barrel) in North Vancouver, this undulating ‘Megabench’ is unlike anything we’ve seen before and it’s certainly an eye-catching feature of the ongoing redevelopment of this bustling district.


Proudly – and in partnership with Elyk Woodcraft (Mill) and Houston Landscapes (Contractor), we supplied over 450pcs of Appearance Grade Tight-Knot Western Red Cedar 4×6 Timbers which were sourced through local Mills right here in British Columbia. In this instance, the lumber we supplied was second growth timber logged on the north end of Vancouver Island by WFP (Western Forest Products) and the quality of the wood and carpentry is evident for all to see.


Megabench is a central feature of the redevelopment of Lonsdale Quay. Photo by Cindy Goodman, North Shore News

“…More than 1,000 red cedar boards make up the structure, smoothly twisted and shaped into a 48-metre-long bench perched on the edge of Burrard Inlet with views of the Vancouver skyline ahead, the Spirit Trail passing just behind, and warmed by the shine coming off the soon-to-be-completed Presentation House Gallery. This is Megabench…”

– Doug Shearer (Hapa Collaborative)


Shearer and his team at Vancouver-based landscape architecture and urban design firm Hapa Collaborative were hired by the City of North Vancouver to design the bold bench after staff were told to think big during public consultation sessions about the waterfront project.


Concept Drawing of Foot of Lonsdale Plaza (Hapa Collective


The impressive undulating cedar bench was unveiled earlier this month and – even though it is currently tucked away behind a couple of construction zones, it has already gotten a workout from visitors keen to sit, lie down, play, eat, drink and generally be merry on it.

“…People seem to be drawn to it,” said Shearer, adding that it was a thrill to sit back and watch visitors move in and make themselves at home in many different ways. “That’s the cool thing – we want people to use it however they want. We didn’t want to be too prescriptive. We didn’t want your typical park bench where two people can sit down and they stare a certain way and they put their back against this part. We wanted people to lie on it, sit on it, have a picnic on it. Some people have lain upside down with their feet up on the slanty bits. They’ve put their feet up on top and hung their heads towards the water…”


City of North Vancouver project engineer Monty Hurd, Coun. Linda Buchanan and Hapa Collaborative’s Doug Shearer test out the Megabench at the foot of Lonsdale. photo by Cindy Goodman, North Shore News

The bench is open for public use with the City of North Vancouver inviting you to “Come down and try it. Bring a friend. Or 100 friends”

Portions of this blog post have been borrowed from an article written by Andy Prest for The North Shore News.

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