EDITED 12/11/2018

Due to decreased demand for this item, we are no longer stocking J-Grade material. If you have a requirement for Select or J-Grade lumber, we can special order it for you. Please contact sales@pocobs.com

POCO Building Supplies is now stocking both 2×4 and 2×6 J-Grade (or Select) SPF Framing Lumber in 8′, 10′ and 12′ lengths. We are also doing this specifically to compete with the big-box stores that carry a premium grade of dry lumber.

What is J-Grade Lumber?

‘J-Grade’ is the preferred brand for the Japanese market. This grade includes lumber that is straighter, stronger and has a better appearance with only minimal defects.

This new material is priced at approximately $80-$130 / fbm (per thousand board measure) higher than our regular stock, which equates to roughly 15%-25% higher than standard SPF stock.

j grade lumber


022408S 2×4-8′ Select (or J GRADE)
022410S 2×4-10′ Select (or J GRADE)
022412S 2×4-12′ Select (or J GRADE)
022608S 2×6-8′ Select (or J GRADE)
022610S 2×6-10′ Select (or J GRADE)
022612S 2×6-12′ Select (or J GRADE)

For customers familiar with our yard layout – this new product is kept away from our regular SPF stock, in racks on the south side of the Cedar T-Shed.

To avoid possible confusion – all of the SELECT stock will be marked on both ends with bright pink spray paint to differentiate it from our regular stock.