With Välinge’s patented Click System you can install Vinyl Flooring 2x Faster than previous systems. The 2G and 5G profiles have both been optimized for thin but resilient products. The 2G angling locking profile is available for 3 mm flooring products and the 5G fold down system is available for flooring products in thicknesses down to 4mm.

Välinge’s High Precision Profiling (HPP) method improves production tolerances in the floorboard during profiling, especially on boards with a surface layer that contains wear resistant particles. High Precision Profiling also minimizes the effects of floorboard swimming, thereby reducing chain wear and in turn achieving a longer run time.

Features & benefits

  • Improved product quality
  • Increased run time on fine cutters
  • Increased run time on chain
  • Improved floor installation

2G Locking System

2G is a strong and robust mechanical locking system. The system is preferably combined with fold-down on the short side for fastest and easiest installation. However, it can also be used both on long and short sides for an angle-angle installation.

Install Vinyl Flooring – Valinge 2G System


5G fold down installation

The different versions of the 5G locking systems enable a significantly faster and easier installation than older traditional locking systems. The optimized profile, including the glass fibre reinforced plastic tongue on the short side of the floor panel, results in a strong and robust locking.

5G-C Vertical snap installation secures installation with a visible and audible locking function. When a panel is folded down, a flexible plastic tongue is pushed into a tongue-groove. As the panel reaches its final position, the locking tongue snaps out into a wedge groove, emits a ”click” sound and locks the product vertically.

Side push technology allows instant installation adjustments. When a panel is folded down, there are no separation forces. The panels are not automatically locked during folding. Locking is secured by the installation of the next row, pushing and displacing the tongue into a locked position.

Install Vinyl Flooring – 5G System (Video 1)

Install Vinyl Flooring – 5G System (Video 2)


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