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Vinyl Siding has come a long way in recent times, with technological advances improving both performance and appearance. New products better re-create the natural look of wood with more realistic grain patterns and textures, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics to take advantage of its low maintenance benefits. With such a wide variety of styles and colours to choose from, all of our Vinyl Siding is sold to order, and our expert staff can help you determine which product best suits your requirements and also how much you need to order.

Vinyl Siding Benefits

No product transforms a home as dramatically and cost-effectively as vinyl siding. With the appearance of wood, vinyl siding has extreme aesthetic appeal. Added benefits? Unlike Cedar Siding, vinyl siding is easy to maintain and is protected from the elements! You will be confident in your choice for your home.

Vinyl siding comes in a wide variety of colours, styles, textures and finishes to suit your unique home style. Our range of high-performance vinyl siding is superbly crafted with unsurpassed strength and durability.



Helios™ Technology

Intense heat from the sun’s rays can take a toll on the exterior of your home. HELIOS Technology provides unique properties and heat resistance capabilities that are ideal for the new dark colour trends for home exteriors.


Duratron™ Technology

Kaycan’s Duratron vinyl formulation is the foundation of all Kaycan vinyl siding, soffit and accessories. It ensures that Kaycan provides the industry’s most durable siding on the market.




Gentek Vinyl Siding products combine outstanding beauty and strength with the luxury of a low-maintenance finish. Backed by more than 50 years of manufacturing expertise, it is our companywide commitment and never-ending ambition to produce the very best building materials – products deserving of our good name and worthy of the place you call home.



Mitten Vinyl Siding & Accessories offers a wide variety of siding profiles and colours to complement and contrast for outstanding curb appeal! We guarantee the colour will stay true for the life of your home with our Lifetime Fade Protection Warranty.


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Vinyl Siding Products


The genuine beauty of our Perfection Shingles brings forth your home’s timeless charm. Reminiscent of the natural look of cedar with none of its maintenance. The extensive colour offering will fit a variety house styles from craftsman to contemporary.

Choosing a complementary colour to your home’s main shade will draw the eye to your gables, creating visual interest. We encourage you to think outside the box, a buttery almond hue against a cool blue instantly produces a calming combination.




When we think about siding our home, we are often concerned with the appearance alone. However, it is important to consider what’s on the inside as well. Your home should be a place of comfort and protection. That’s why the Vinyl Siding market has evolved to offer insulated products that protect you from the elements and keep you comfortable no matter what the temperature is outside. You will rest easy knowing your family is happy at home.




Your home is a reflection of your unique style and taste. Lap Siding will do just that.
Traditional yet timeless, our selection will be sure to appeal to all.




Adding distinction to any home, Vertical Siding is one of the most popular home siding styles used today. Board & Batten vertical vinyl siding profiles, with their distinct shadow lines, provide the authentic look of tongue and groove cedar planks. Available in two finishes, smooth and woodgrain, you can choose the look that will perfectly offset your home’s individual style.


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Vinyl Siding Styles


If your home doesn’t adhere to one particular genre but instead possesses many features and designs, you just may fall into this category. Traditional style homes combine practicality and accessibility with a classic look. Functionality is one distinguishing feature of the traditional house as well as its simplistic design.


Cape Cod homes are typically one story, sometimes 1-1/2 stories, and feature a steep roofline & multi-pane windows. This popular style was built in the 1930s and often boasts dormer windows for added space, light, and ventilation. Your home is in this style category if it features these elements.


Homes in this category have a warm, storybook character. If your home reflects a charming and cosy style and is complete with steep roof pitches, cross gables, and arched doors, put yourself in the Cottage Country style category.


One of the most popular styles in the United States is the Colonial home. With two or three stories, windows and a chimney are prominent features, complete with a centred door. Does your home feature these characteristics?


Does your home’s architectural character consist of modern materials? Does it feature a post-and-beam structure with a flat or low-pitched roof and is void of unnecessary detail? If yes, you will fall under the Modern Contemporary Category.


The ranch house is noted for its long, close-to-the-ground profile, and minimal use of exterior decoration. These houses fuse modernist ideas and styles to create a very informal and casual living style. Your home falls here if it reflects these features.


Mostly found in urban areas, the row house, more commonly known as the townhouse, are typically two stories or more with a traditional layout, side hallways and minimal lawn space.

Complete the look with
Vinyl Soffit

Vinyl soffit completes as well as compliments the look of your home. Available in a variety of textures and colours which will add the perfect touch to any project.
Choosing a contrasting colour to your homes siding colour will create an element of interest. Matching the soffit to the trim colour will create a sense of balance. Selecting the same shade throughout your homes colour scheme will allow for a soothing affect.
Designed with purpose, Vinyl Soffit is virtually maintenance free and permits air circulation where necessary. The added touch that will tie it all together.

Features & Benefits
  • Wide range of products to cover all possible applications from Solid and Vented to Center Vented panels
  • The beauty of painted wood in a smooth or woodgrain low-gloss finish
  • Low maintenance, will never need painting
  • Duratron™ Vinyl Formula for outstanding resistance to the elements
  • Completely colour-coordinated with Kaycan products
  • High Performance – will not rot, peel, chip, flake or blister
  • Duratron™ Vinyl Technology ensures durability and long-lasting performance.
  • Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty
vinyl soffit colours


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F Trim

Trims with a 7/8” wide channel, used at the top of the wall and on the bottom of the fascia board to insert soffit. (#1178 12′ Lengths)


H Trim

H Trim is used to add a break in a wall or ceiling of vertical siding and soffit. #1179 12′ Lengths


8″ Vinyl Fascia

Used to finish the exterior of the structure with integrated 5/8” wide channel for soffit. The fascia can be cut down to fit various structure heights. (#0490 and #0494 9’–10′ Lengths)


Frieze Trim

Can be used in combination with the Large Crown Mould. The top channel of the frieze is designed to accommodate the soffit, while the Large Crown Mould snaps into the bottom channel and covers the top of the siding wall and under-sill trim. (#VTFBR 12′ Lengths)


Large Crown Mould

Used in combination with the Frieze Trim, it snaps into the bottom of the Frieze Trim and covers the top of the siding wall and under-sill trim. (#VTCMD 12′ Lengths)

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