Transform Your Outdoor Living Space with Thermally Modified Wood

Is your decking losing its allure? Your soffit showing signs of wear? Maybe your panelling seems outdated? Thermally modified wood could be the game-changer you’ve been searching for. Picture a wood finish that’s both luxurious and durable. While traditional wood may succumb to nature’s elements, leading to premature wear or lackluster aesthetics, thermally modified wood endures. Discover the transformative capabilities of thermally modified wood. It’s reshaping the approach to decking, soffit, and panelling designs.

We are proud distributors of registered THERMOWOOD manufactured by Thermalwood, Lunawood, and Scottywood.

What Is Thermally Modified Wood?

The wood undergoes a thermal modification process that collapses its cells, removes extractives, and increases density. Turning the wood into a stronger, more reliable version of itself. Making it virtually impervious to warping, rotting, humidity fluctuations, and splintering. Since the procedure doesn’t involve any nasty chemicals, the resulting wood is completely natural and environmentally friendly.

Hardy and dimensionally stable, it’s a dream to work with for both exterior and interior decking, soffit, cladding, and panelling. Promising minimal maintenance over an incredible lifespan.

Why Thermally Modified Wood is a Game Changer

Thermal modification bestows a rich, deep allure upon the wood, which can be maintained with an oil-based UV-protectant stain. If left unprotected from UV exposure, the wood naturally ages into a beautiful silver/gray patina — rivaling that of exotic and tropical hardwoods.


Side view of a home with ash-grey thermally modified wood sidingGrassy backyard at sunset with a house that has thermally modified wood siding


DIMENSIONALLY STABLE — Enhanced density and durability for a harder wood with greater longevity.

DECREASED TENSION — Reduced moisture absorption makes it less prone to warping, cupping, or twisting.

REDUCED EXPANSION — Excels in fluctuating humidity environments with minimal expansion.

ROT RESISTANT — Resistant to insects, wood rot, and fungal growth.

PAINT DURABILITY — Improved paint durability, less flaking and peeling.

ENHANCED INSULATION — Keeping decks cool in summer thanks to lower thermal conductivity.

LOW MAINTENANCE — Buttery-smooth finish that’s splinter free, lightweight, and easy to work with.

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

The thermal modification process doesn’t use any toxic chemicals. Ensuring the wood won’t contaminate the soil and environment. Compared to unmodified wood, thermally modified wood has also been shown to emit significantly fewer terpenes, camphene, and other compounds.

Boasting enhanced stability and durability this prolongs its life and minimizes the long-term maintenance required to keep the wood in prime condition.

Design Your Own Space
Thermally Modified Wood Products

Thermally Modified Wood Decking

At POCO Building Supplies, we pride ourselves on offering an exceptional selection of thermally modified woods, sourced from both North American and Nordic regions. These woods are the perfect choice for creating stunning and enduring outdoor decking. Whether you’re envisioning a serene backyard retreat or a lively entertainment space, our diverse range of thermally modified woods can turn your outdoor vision into a reality.

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Thermally Modified Wood Deck Tiles

We offer custom deck tiles  in various sizes and crafted from thermally modified North American Ash or Hemlock woods. These deck tiles are designed to effortlessly infuse sophistication and resilience into your outdoor spaces. Opting for deck tiles over traditional decking makes installation remarkably straightforward and quick. No extensive labor or special tools required. These tiles also allow for more design flexibility, enabling you to create unique patterns and layouts that capture your style.

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Thermally Modified Wood Siding, Soffit, & Cladding

POCO Building Supplies has everything you need with a diverse range of siding, soffit, and cladding options crafted from thermally modified wood. Sourced from responsibly managed North American and Scandinavian forests. Whether you’re seeking a rustic charm or a sleek, modern aesthetic, our selection is designed to elevate the exterior of any building. Trust POCO Building Supplies for all your exterior finishing needs, and invest in beauty that’s built to last.

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Leading distributors of registered thermowood brands
Thermowood Brands We Stock

Thermalwood Canada

Bring long-lasting beauty to any outdoor or indoor project with Thermalwood Canada. Sourced from North American forests, Thermalwood Canada is a clear grain hardwood option for home improvement. Available in a variety of thicknesses and widths, you can use it for just about anything from decking or cladding, to soffit. Match your wood to your home design with oil-based stains. Use UV protection for outdoor applications or let the wood silver to a natural grey patina as the years go by.

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Scottywood is distinct from conventional lumber, with enhanced strength and durability. Unlike standard woods that may deteriorate over time, Scottywood maintains its integrity. Exposed to rain, sunlight, or snow, its resilience is evident. Thermal modification not only extends its lifespan but also boosts its resistance to external factors. Easy to work with and perfect for any project. Scottywood gives you a picture-perfect wood finish without the excessive upkeep.

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As a pioneer of the Thermowood process and a leading producer of Thermowood nordic pine and spruce, Lunawood creates a connection between urban life and nature.  Sustainability is at the heart of Lunawood’s products, anchored in the Finnish forestry laws that govern the forests from which their Nordic Pine and Nordic Spruce are harvested.  Lunawood’s select tight knot offerings enhance any project while keeping maintenance to a minimum and providing long-lasting beauty.

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View Lunawood’s Interior Products here:

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Casa en Perrillo Spain Lunawood thermowood siding

Casa en Perillo
Architect: Seara Peleteiro Arquitectos
Photographer: Héctor Santos Díez

Lunawood Thermowood cladding

Private House Madeira
Architect: Carla Vieira architects
Photographer: Carla Vieira architects

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