Cedar Shed Kits

A Cedar Shed is a timeless feature of a Canadian back-yard and our kits combine a traditional design, with durable materials and ease of assembly. For your convenience – all of our Cedar Shed kits come in pre-cut pieces, with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. You can even customize your new Cedar Shed by adding Windows, Skylights, or a Porch Kit.

Our Cedar Sheds are supplied complete with two 2’ wide Doors, made from Tight-Knot Western Red Cedar – and unlike other sheds on the market, include all the components, hardware, flooring and roofing at one unbeatable price. If you’re interested in seeing if our Cedar Shed Kits are right for you – call now, or email for a quote.

Don’t want to build it yourself? We can even help you find a Contractor who can.

Protect your Cedar Shed by applying an Exterior Wood Stain. In doing so you’ll not only achieve a more finished look, but you’ll also help to preserve the wood from greying and rotting. The Cedar Shed in the picture above is finished with Cabot Australian Timber Oil ‘Mahogany Flame’ with Ebony Stain on the Trim. We also supply a range of exterior wood finishes from industry leading brands such as Sikkens, Olympic and Böhme

Cedar Shed Kits include:

  • 4′ Door Opening for 2 x 2ft Pre-assembled Doors
  • Highline Grade KD SPF Framing, Joists & Sheathing
  • 5/8″ STD Fir Plywood Flooring
  • Western Red Cedar Bevel Siding & Trim
  • Fibreglass/Duroid Shingles
  • Tarpaper Roofing Underlay
  • Hardware (Screws & Nails, Hinges & Door Hook)
  • Easy to follow Instructions & Drawings

Sizes Available:

Kit Dimensions
8×6 Cedar Shed 8′ wide x 6′ deep x 6′ high
8×10 Cedar Shed 8′ wide x 10′ deep x 6′ high
8×12 Cedar Shed 8′ wide x 12′ deep x 6′ high
10×8 Cedar Shed 10′ wide x 8′ deep x 6′ high
10×12 Cedar Shed 10′ wide x 12′ deep x 7′ high
12×16 Cedar Shed 12′ wide x 16′ deep x 7′ high

Note: Doors are always located on the first dimension listed. For example an 8×6 Cedar Shed has doors on the 8ft wide face.

Cedar Sheds are subject to prior sale and normally supplied within 1 week of purchase.

Optional Extras

Kit Dimensions / Details
4ft Porch Kit for 8ft Wide Sheds 8′ wide x 4′ deep x 6′ high
4ft Porch Kit for 10ft Wide Sheds 10′ wide x 4′ deep x 6′ or 7” high
4ft Porch Kit for 12ft Wide Sheds 12′ wide x 4′ deep x 7′ high
Foundation Kit Cement Piers or Slabs + Treated Sleepers
Hardware Upgrade Many Options Available

Please note that Porch Kits must be installed when framing the main structure of the shed before any siding is applied. For structural integrity – the Porch Kit needs to be tied back onto the larger framework.

Cedar Porch Kits are subject to prior sale and normally supplied within 1 week of purchase.

Best Practises for Installation

Prevent Rot from the Ground Up
Elevate your Shed from ground level with a Foundation Kit. This will prevent the structure sitting at moisture level and will allow air-flow which helps the Wood to breath and dry out when it does get wet. A soggy bottom Shed will rot from the ground up. Protect yours by sitting it on top of cement patio slabs or pier blocks with a Pressure Treated sleeper system running perpendicular to the joists.

Keep Weeds and Critters at bay
Dark damp places are a great breeding ground for worms, bugs and creepy crawlies. In turn – critters like Possums, Raccons and other small rodents or mammals, love to feast on these juicy treats. If you’re installing over a turfed area – clear the grass and sod away prior to installation and then cover with Landscape Cloth under a layer of crushed rock or gravel. This will prevent weed growth and allow for better drainage under the floor of the shed which will hep maximize the lifespan.

As always – we can help you choose the right materials to get the job done right. Ready to order? Call now – or email your Quote Request

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