Nichiha Siding products have been earning their stripes in Commercial settings for many years, but with recent trends towards more modern home designs, there is a rising demand for use of this high-end fibre cement siding on custom homes and multi-family developments.  Nichiha’s modern approach to design and installation of fibre cement cladding can help you capture the look of wood, masonry and stone in considerably less time and at a fraction of the cost. With an ever-expanding offering of textures and finishes, every day more and more people are discovering the beauty and the performance of Nichiha.

Nichiha Siding is a versatile, sustainable and high-performance product that makes as much sense for a home as it does for a commercial building. Explore our products to find the styles that are perfect for your next modern design.


Modern home design is a style that is forever reinventing itself. New materials, cultural influences and the fingerprints of the generation holding the hammer all converge to shape and reshape what the word modern means at any given moment. Unlike many architectural styles, modern is open to interpretation; it’s a movement fueled by the power of possibilities…and Nichiha is at the forefront.

Nichiha is all about BIG ideas. Find inspiration in phrases like “what if?” and “why not?” Be fueled by the power of possibilities.  Nichiha has spent nearly 40 years pushing the limits of what can be done with fibre cement. Here are so many compelling reasons to consider Nichiha.

  • A diverse and modern collection of fibre cement products designed for interior, exterior commercial and residential applications.
  • Widest selection of commercial rainscreen styles.
  • Sophisticated drained and back-ventilated moisture management system.
  • Award-winning installation system saves time and minimizes mistakes.
  •  Apply custom colours With the Color Xpressions™ system
  • Full line of siding products with profiles ranging from stucco to cedar.
  • Industry’s thickest fibre cement panel
  • Revolutionary coating process developed by the experts at PPG Paints.



Example of Nichiha VintageWood Installation

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With an ever-expanding offering of finishes and textures, our AWP product series make it easy to turn design intent into reality. From conception to completion, Nichiha is the perfect partner in bringing your vision to life. Our panels also provide an engineered rainscreen and a simple clip installation system. Nichiha Architectural Wall Panels give a fresh face to fiber cement.




With its premium metallic finish and unique texture, Nichiha Ribbed™ Panel is the perfect complement to any project. The Ribbed™ Panel provides a great solution to break up space and adds sophistication to the overall design aesthetic. It is perfect as an exterior or interior accent and its sleek look pairs well with modern materials such as block panels, glass and metal. The panel features a deluxe metallic finish that reflects light and creates the appearance of brushed, precious metals. The ribbed texture allows the panel to add interest and variation. The Ribbed™ Panel is easily installed with our time-saving clip installation system and hidden fasteners help maintain a clean design.


Nichiha’s Illumination™ delivers sleek sophistication with ease. Sleek, bold, vibrant. These are the words industry professionals are using to describe Nichiha’s Illumination™ fibre cement panel. Matched with our Color Xpressions system, Illumination™ offers a virtually limitless colour palette. Illumination’s smooth satin finish, easy installation and custom colour capabilities give you a degree of design freedom that most cladding products simply can’t match. But don’t let the pretty face fool you; there’s more than meets the eye. When compared to traditional aluminium composite and phenolic panels, Illumination™ delivers significantly more bang for far fewer bucks.


The clean, modular look of Nichiha ArchitecturalBlock™ is a versatile choice for residential and commercial projects alike. Its cool modern tones and subtle seams are the perfect partner for gleaming glass, stainless steel or even paired with the warmth of wood. ArchitecturalBlock™ is a handsome, durable and cost-effective solution. The ease of installation and wide variety of corner options make it as popular with contractors as it is with clients.



TuffBlock™ offers many of the same features as ArchitecturalBlock™, but takes modern to the next level with its tough, textured finish. TuffBlock™ remains true to its name with a strong construction that is backed by the power of fiber cement. This product means business and is built to last. TuffBlock™ is the perfect Architectural Wall Panel for high-traffic areas as it stands up against everyday wear and tear.

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WOOD SERIES – RoughSawn™


With its earthy appeal, RoughSawn™ adds rustic sophistication to all types of projects. RoughSawn™ offers the rich texture of wood while providing colour stability and withstanding extreme weather elements. It pairs perfectly with many cladding materials and adds warmth to any design. RoughSawn gives you the beauty of wood backed by the brawn of fibre cement.

wood series – VintageWood™

Nichiha VintageWood™ exudes modern refinement and works well in both modern and vintage designs. It provides the look of wood with the unmatched durability of fibre cement. VintageWood pairs perfectly with glass, metal, and block panels, adding a touch of warmth to the coolness of these materials. Make a statement by adding VintageWood to your next project.


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At POCO Building Supplies – we’re more than just your local Building Supplier – we’re a team of experienced and knowledgeable people dedicated to helping bring your vision to life. With over 95 years of industry experience, we can take the guess working out of estimating for you. If you have plans for a new custom home, multi-family development, construction project or renovation that you need help you with, contact us today and find out how our expert estimators can add value to your project.

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concrete series – EmpireBlock™

Looking for a touch of industrial chic? EmpireBlock can provide it. EmpireBlock delivers the look and feel of concrete block in a more versatile and easier to use format. Perfect for indoor environments as well as exterior cladding, you’ll never have to worry about curing times, cracking or colour inconsistency.

Concrete Series – IndustrialBlock™

Reimagine what’s possible with concrete…IndustrialBlock™ puts a fresh face on industrial chic. Backed by the power of fibre cement, IndustrialBlock offers a distressed concrete design with all the irregularities and characteristics of natural concrete. IndustrialBlock™ can pair with a wide range of products and its fresh approach works in both modern and vintage settings. The panels are lightweight and versatile with the ability to install both vertically and horizontally. They can also be used in both interior and exterior applications and cover 15 square feet per panel. Much like all of our Architectural Wall Panels, IndustrialBlock offers a simple clip installation system and an integrated rainscreen.

KuraStone Series – StackedStone™

Achieving the look of stacked stone is now easier than ever. Nichiha KuraStone™ reduces material cost and simplifies installation for a double-dose of budget help. Its rugged texture and colour variations add interest and charm as an accent or as the main attraction. Available in three-panel sizes, KuraStone™ is a popular adaptable solution for interior and exterior projects.


KuraStone – LedgeStone™

LedgeStone™ adds the look of stacked stone without piling on the cost. LedgeStone offers a highly engineered rainscreen system that eliminates the destructive threat of trapped moisture. With Its hidden fasteners, simple clip installation, and corner pieces, LedgeStone goes up fast and looks great. This means there is no scratch coat, no metal lath, no mortar and no need for a specialized stone contractor. Get all the beauty of stone without the hassle of natural stone cladding.

Masonry Series – CinderBlock™

Need the perfect accent for your next project? CinderBlock may be exactly what you are looking for! CinderBlock captures the look of concrete block and adds a traditional design aesthetic to any commercial building. CinderBlock comes in two finish options, giving you more possibilities. It also offers simple installation and a sophisticated drained and back-ventilated moisture management system.

Masonry Series – SandStone™

Nichiha SandStone is as thrifty as it is elegant. With its subtle colour and deep texture, our SandStone™ begs to be touched and examined more closely. Even after seeing it with their eyes and touching it with their hands, your clients will wonder how you ever managed to stay on budget. We call that a trade secret.

Brick Series – VintageBrick™

Nichiha’s VintageBrick™ offers the look and timeless appeal of traditional brickwork. Distressed and a little rough around the edges, VintageBrick™ adds an aged appeal to interiors and exteriors alike. Available in two distinctive colours, Alexandria Buff and White Wash, VintageBrick™ lends the look of a historic wall with the thoroughly modern performance of Nichiha fibre cement.

Brick Series – PlymouthBrick™

Nichiha’s PlymouthBrick™ delivers the classic look of kiln-fired brick with the modern strength of fibre cement. The slight variations in colour, the stately good looks, even the grout lines; it’s all there. Like all Nichiha brick products, PlymouthBrick™ goes up in easy-to-handle 18” x 6’ panels, saving you time and money.

Brick Series – CanyonBrick™

Softer earth tones distinguish the CanyonBrick collection. Subtle variations of brown and grey give CanyonBrick facades and interiors a slight twist from the traditional brick look. Although CanyonBrick offers a different aesthetic than Nichiha’s other brick panels, it performs to the same high standards.

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