Strong, Durable Building Panels Guaranteed to withstand all weather conditions

TUFTEX PolyCarb Corrugated panels are the industry’s toughest building panel. Made with a polycarbonate thermoplastic polymer in an octagonal-wave profile, TUFTEX PolyCarb corrugated panels are 20 times stronger than 5 oz. fibreglass corrugated panels and are designed to withstand a wide range of surface temperatures: 270° F to -40° F.

Tuftex PolyCarb Building Panels

All TUFTEX PolyCarb panels are well suited to outdoor applications where light transmission is desired. TUFTEX PolyCarb panels are perfect for greenhouses, outdoor gardening structures and sun porches.



TUFTEX PolyCarb panels are available in:

  • Clear
  • Translucent White
  • Smoke

TUFTEX PolyCarb panels are 26 inches wide and are available in 8 ft and 12 ft lengths. The corrugation height is 9/16″

TUFTEX PolyCarb Clear panels transmit 89% of incident light over the visible spectrum and block UV radiation below 380 nanometers.

TUFTEX PolyCarb panels are covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

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TUFTEX® panels are the best building panels available for many home improvement projects such as deck covers, sun porches, carports, patio covers, and privacy panels, as well as many light commercial and agricultural applications. They are not recommended as the primary roofing for residential or commercial buildings.

You Can Do It In 5 Easy Steps!

  1. Determine Dimensions
  2. Cut and Nail Support Structures
  3. Pre-Drill TUFTEX® Panels
  4. Fasten Panels in Place
  5. Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy

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