save money on your energy bills with these Eco-friendly insulation solutions

The Insulation in your home provides and important safety feature and can also help you save money on your heating and energy bills. We’re all becoming more energy conscious these days – and with technological advances, the type of performance products available to us can prevent heat escaping from your home, improve fire safety and also improve soundproofing throughout your home. Whether you’re looking for Eco-friendly stone-wool batts, rigid styrofoam, vapour barriers or weather stripping to fix a draft, we have everything you need at a price that will keep your project on budget.

With so many alternatives, it’s important to know your building supplies store has the selection you need and the experience to help you make the right choice for your project. It’s good to know you can trust the advice you get from the staff at POCO Building Supplies.

Save money with these Safe and Sound reducing
Roxul Insulation Products



POCO Building Supplies prides itself on partnering with industry leaders and when it come to Insulation, there’s no doubt that ROXUL® provide the very best in Residential and Commercial Insulation available. ROXUL®’s patented Stone Wool Insulation is both fire resistant and water repellent and is also completely resistant to rot, mildew, mold and bacterial growth – contributing to a safer indoor environment in your home. Furthermore, ROXUL® insulation products are made from natural stone and up to 93% recycled materials. ROXUL®’s unique thermal insulation products provide indoor comfort in summer and winter, and help reduce heating and cooling costs. Those energy savings also translate into reduced CO2 emissions.



To help you work out your requirements, ROXUL® offer a range of calculation tools for both professionals and home owners energy. These tools can be used to calculate things like Effective R-Value, Leed® Points and Materials Estimator

calculation tools

Prevent air and money leaking from your home with
Climaloc Weatherstripping




After mortgage or rent, energy bills are typically the largest monthly cost related to a home. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep that money from going out the window (door, vent, AC, garage, and roof). We’ve got them all covered.

Our range of Weatherstripping from industry leader RCR International / ClimaLoc can help protect your home from seasonal weather changes, make your home more energy efficient and save money on your energy bills. Choose from items such as Foam Tape, Pile Strips, Door Snakes and Vinyl/Rubber Door Sweeps.

Your free time is for relaxing. With that in mind, Climaloc helps you zero in quickly on the best solution to protect your home against all kinds of weather.

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Climaloc complete DIY Season-proofing Solutions

Every Climaloc product is simple to install, but we try to make your life even easier by providing different solutions tailored to the needs of renters and homeowners. Need something easy, affordable, and removable?

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Tasteful and easy to install solutions

Good design should both be functional and discreet. We continually strive to develop efficient, robust and durable energy-saving solutions that will seamlessly blend into your decor.


Use these these simple tests to
Identify drafts in your home

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