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Cedar Sidewall Shingles add a touch of class to any home exterior, creating contrasting textures between lap siding and building elements such as roof gables. With a variety of grades and finishes available, you can let the natural beauty and tone of Western Red Cedar shine through, or choose a wood-toner, or solid stain to match a colour to your design scheme.

We supply a variety of different grade Cedar Sidewall Shingles, and you can choose from Natural (ready to stain), Primed Grey (ready to paint) or Prefinished with UV blocking Clear Stain.

We also offer a Factory Finishing Service whereby you can pick a custom colour to match your design scheme – and let us do the rest.

Cedar R&R Sidewall Shingles

Also known as R&R Shingles, Sidewall Shingles have the same specifications as #1 and #2 Grade Roofing Shingles – which are then machine re-trimmed for parallel edges and with butts sawn at right angles for straight lines and uniform appearance.

Rebutted & Rejointed (R&R) Cedar Sidewall Shingles are also available with a smooth sanded face, with the length of the sanded face at a length greater than the maximum exposure (generally 7.5″).

As a supplier, we pride ourselves on offering the absolute best quality building materials available and the quality of Stave Lake Cedar Sidewall Shingles, naturally appeal to our customers.

Recognised in the industry as a stamp of consistent quality, they have created a ‘grade of their own’ to supply the market’s appetite for very high-end shingles. After many years experience of working in the Cedar industry, Stave Lake Cedar have actually developed #1 Grade Cedar Sidewall Shingles that far exceed grading rules and the industry standard.

Our product is not only preselected for consistency in width, thickness, tight grain, and a fresh appearance but they are hand-picked for clean sawn faces. This has become a regular practice which in turn adds beauty and value to the finish of a Stave Lake product.



  • Up to 50 Year Warranty available
  • Made from first growth tight grain Cedar
  • Clean sawn faces
  • Overall wider shingle than competitor
  • Consistent thickness
  • Available in a variety of grades to suit your budget
  • Natural, Primed, UV Clear or Custom Colours available

cedar sidewall shingles primed white



The premium grade of Shingles for Sidewalls, and Roofs. Boxes of these top-grade shingles are 100% heartwood, 100% clear and 100% edge grain. If you are looking for the best – here it is, with no compromises on quality or consistency.

Available Finishes

  • #1 R&R – Natural
  • #1 R&R – Primed
  • #1 R&R – UV Clear (Special Order)



A good grade for many applications. Not less than 10″ clear on 16″ shingles, 11″ clear on 18″ shingles and 16″ clear on 24″ shingles. The secondary grade shingles are clear but are comprised of a high percentage of flat grain which along with sapwood is permitted in this grade.

Available Finishes

  • #2 R&R – Natural
  • #2 R&R – Primed
  • #2 R&R – UV Clear (Special Order)



Traditional Cuts™ are Western Red Cedar Sidewall Shingles manufactured exclusively by Stave Lake Cedar Mills (1992) Inc. Each Shingle will measure a minimum of 8 inches clear from the butt end and will have one face machine-sanded. With proper installation – Traditional Cuts have the appearance of a Certigrade #1 R&R Shingle – at a fraction of the price.

All Traditional Cuts Cedar Sidewall Shingles are kiln dried, re-edged, rebutted and will be packed in cartons. Traditional Cuts™ are covered by the Stave Lake Warranty. This product is intended for siding use only, any other use voids the warranty and is solely at the customer’s risk and discretion.

sizing & coverage

COVERAGE – 1030 lineal inches (54 sq. ft. at a 7.5″ exposure)

WIDTH – Maximum – 14″ Minimum – 2.88″

LENGTH – Minimum 17.25″ with shims & feather-tips permitted to 16″

THICKNESS – Sanded – 5 butts 1.88″ Shingles will be reasonably uniform in thickness.

characteristics & appearance

KNOTS – Up to 3″ in diameter. None within 8″ of the butt.

HOLES – Maximum 3″ diameter. None within 8″ of the butt.

ROT – None

SAP – Unlimited

EDGES – Same rule as for #1 R&R

COLOURATION – Not a grade characteristic

A maximum of 30% of the total lineal inches of shingles per carton may be less than 4 inches in width. Aggregate defects may not exceed 2/3 the width of any
shingle. A Whole carton may not contain more than 42 lineal inches of off-grade wood. A half carton may not contain more than 21 inches of off-grade wood. Badly cross-grained shingles are not permitted. When knots are cut on an angle, the diameter is determined by measuring the narrow way.


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hand-split cedar sidewall shakes


Hand-split shakes have a resawn back and a split face that offers a timeless rustic charm.

Available in the following grades by Special Order:

  • #1 Grade – Mixed Grain: allows a minimum of 80% edge-grain and a maximum of 20% flat-grain
  • #1 Grade Premium: 100% edge-grain.

The exposure to the weather varies with each length or desired architectural appearance.


Priming, Staining and Custom Colours
Factory Finishing

Stave Lake Cedar Mills has developed a primer exclusively for our own production. This proprietary oil primer far exceeds anything else available in the primed, boxed market. It is solid oil with low VOCs that covers the shingle to the point that you can’t see the grain. We choose not to use the diluted primers that some of the industry is applying. These primers are less expensive, but we feel strongly that a great shingle topped with a superior primer is essential in providing a base for a long lasting top coat.


1 coat-semi-transparent, semi-solid or solid oil
2 coat-1 base coat oil, 1 top coat latex (18-year warranty)
3 coat-1 base coat oil, 2 top coat latex (25-year warranty)

Any Stave Lake shingle can be stained or painted to match any custom colour.
Stave Lake’s process of selecting a Stave Lake colour makes it very easy for the contractor and the homeowner. We guarantee that your project will not only receive Stave Lake quality but also receive a shingle that is completely coated with the finest quality paint or stain. We simply ask the customer for the cedar shingle to be painted and forwarded to our office. We then send it to our paint lab for an exact match. Finally, we return the shingle back to the customer with the matched coloured shingle for approval.




Please note that Western red Cedar varies in colour. It can be a light straw yellow colour to a dark brown. Semi-transparent colours will still show the grain through the stain but may vary slightly because of the colour of the cedar shingle behind the coating. Most agree, that the slight variation in tone, adds a tremendous amount of beauty and contrast to any home or structure. If you are looking for more of a solid colour we highly recommend using Stave Lake’s two or three coat solid finished products.

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