Get the dramatic look Of Ancient Japanese wood preservation

High-end design and Far East tradition intersect with this dark dramatic Japanese siding produced as a result of a process called Shou Sugi Ban. Translated as “the burning of Japanese cypress”, Shou Sugi Ban or Yakisugi has gained popularity outside of Japan, not only for it’s unique and characteristic appearance, but also because the curing process renders wood almost maintenance free, while at the same time making it resistant to fire, rot, and pests.

Siding created by this method has an expected lifespan of more than 80-years, thanks to a protective layer created by carbon released during burning. This incredible performance along with the stunning, unique look created by charring, have made this one of the most sought-after Siding products in North America.

Shou Sugi Ban

Charring Treatments

There are a wide variety of aesthetics and appearances that can be achieved through Shou Sugi Ban processes. All of the material starts out with the same charring that produces what we call ‘Blackcomb’ char. From there, the charring is brushed out on a separate machine to provide varying degrees of finished char on the raised grain of the substrate.

Wood Species

Different looks can be achieved by using different species of Wood (Cedar, Fir, Hemlock or Pine) with Grade (Knotty or Clear) also having an impact on the overall appearance and character. Typically Western Red Cedar (WRC) is used as it’s porous cell structure, that makes it so easy to stain, also lends itself well to this treatment. Put simply, because it’s a softer than SPF, Hem-Fir lumber, Cedar is both easier to burn and offers more versatility to achieve the right look.

grade selection

Charring of a Select Tight-Knot (STK) lumber produces much more variation due to the characteristic mixed grain pattern, with varying knot sizes and locations. This variation gives the finished product a unique quality and appearance that varies from one piece to the next. Not to mention that STK (or ‘knotty’) lumber is significantly cheaper than either Mixed Grain or Edge Grain Clear lumber, which is used to achieve a more uniform or consistent look.

charred industries - whistler

Whistler Char on Knotty Cedar

charred industries - grouse

Grouse Char on Knotty Cedar

charred industries - seymour

Seymour Char on Knotty Cedar

charred industries - BlueMountain

Blue Mountain Char on Knotty Cedar

charred industries - cypress

Cypress Char on Knotty Cedar

charred industries - big white

Big White Char on Knotty Cedar

charred industries - black tusk

Black Tusk Char on Knotty Cedar

charred industries - blackcomb matt

Blackcomb Char on Knotty Cedar

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