Get the dramatic look Of Charred wood preservation

We are “NOT SHOU SUGI BAN”™. We offer top-shelf products that are made with the care and attention to detail you would expect from a Canadian manufacturer. No importing, no outsourcing just quality craftsmanship.

Our charred wood products are NOT direct relatives to the ancient Japanese tradition. While we acknowledge their influence on our process, we do not use time-honoured, traditional Japanese techniques to burn wood. We do it our way, with lumber sourced from our great country, using proprietary machines and using locally made wood finishes, that are designed specifically for our climate.

NOT Shou Sugi Ban™

Our charred wood products don’t just look cool, they will enhance the curb appeal of your home, pay your bills, make your neighbours jealous, make your property value go up, cut the grass, make you feel younger, take your kids to sports, give you something to look at and reduce stress.

Wood Species

A wide variety of finishes can be achieved by using different species of Wood. Softwoods like Cedar, Fir, Hemlock or Pine work well with lighter or brushed out chars and stains, whereas hardwoods like Accoya and Batu are more suitable for heavier chars like, which require a harder substrate for durability.

grade selection

Charring knotty lumber produces much more variation due to the characteristic mixed grain pattern, with varying knot sizes and locations. This variation gives the finished product a unique quality and appearance that varies from one piece to the next. Where budget is a consideration, Knotty (STK) lumber is significantly cheaper than Clear lumber, which is used to achieve a more uniform or consistent look.


Big White



charred industries - cypress



charred industries - black tusk

Black Tusk Char on Knotty Cedar


Burke (Hewn)

charred industries - whistler


charred industries - grouse


charred industries - seymour


Blue Mountain


Golden Ears

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We see too many overpriced, imported wood products that don’t meet the needs of our customers. We offer a full line of charred wood products at a reasonable price that are manufactured in Canada. You get the custom wood products you want at a price that will make you happy.

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