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Dricore Subfloor makes use of an intergrated moisture barrier to create warm, dry floors over concrete. Each floor panel is surfaced with top-quality wood manufactured with water-resistant natural resins and waxes. On the underside is heavy-duty polyethylene plastic that elevates the floor and helps underlying moisture evaporate.


2′ X 2′ X 7/8″ (8lb ea)
Supplied by the piece Buy 1 or Buy 1000+
(120 pcs per lift)Volume Discounts Available!





#1 – The heavy-duty polyethylene plastic on the underside of each floor panel creates an airgap above the concrete. The air in this space and the Subflor panel itself create a thermal break and act as insulation to keep floors warm.

#2 – In basements, Subflor’s polyethylene layer is a barrier to the dampness that naturally rises through the porous concrete. Any moisture that collects, including the small leaks that so often occur in basements, can flow freely under Subflor to the floor drain with no damage to Subflor panels or the finishes applied overtop. The airgap also allows the concrete to breathe and dry, ensuring a healthier living environment.

#3 – Subflor is an ergonomic, resilient product that provides the ideal surface for healthful walking and play. At the same time, it is strong enough to support the heaviest objects, such as pool tables or exercise equipment.

NOTE: We recommend one Levelling kit for every 60 panels. Levelling Kit’s include 24 Shims per box.

How do I calculate how many I need?
Use this simple formula to determine the number of panels and leveling kits required for your project.

Room square footage divided by 3.3

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