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PinkWood Ltd. manufactures premium I-joists, under the trade name “PKJOIST”. They are primary used as part of the floor systems in residential and commercial housing projects. PinkWood joists are manufactured to precise tolerances on high-speed equipment with integrated coating technology to yield the best possible physical properties and to maximize strength. Our I-joists will resist warping, crowning and shrinking.

PinkWood’s quality assurance program, monitored by the APA Engineered Wood Association, meets both the Canadian and US building code requirements (CCMC in Canada and ICC-ES in the US).

PK Joists and PK SAFE Joists

PK Joists Benefits

Our joists can be produced either in the standard, bare form, or protected with in-tumescent Fire Rated paint. We refer to our Fire Rated joists as “SafeJoist” because they are so much less susceptible to fire.

Our standard joist has a pink protective coating only on the ends. The purpose of the end coating is to protect the joist against moisture penetration. The “Class A” and “Class B” SafeJoist has tan coloured in-tumescent paint on the web, and also has a pink protective coating on the ends.

Standard PK I Joist

Standard PK I Joist

Safe Joist Fire Rated I Joist

Safe Joist Fire Rated I Joist

Pinkwood Product Specifier

Our SafeJoist is available in the following fire rating classifications:

Class A Fire Rated I-joists
Class B Fire Rated I-joists
U.S. code compliant I-joists

The Class A Fire Rated I-joists have a web with flame spread rating of 25 or less. These joists take approximately 5 times as long to burn through as bare, unprotected joists.

The Class B Fire Rated I-joists have a web with a flame spread rating from 26 to 75. These joists take approximately 2.5 times as long to burn through as unprotected joists.

U.S. code compliant I-joists. PinkWood’s 2012 International Residential Code (IRC) compliant joist will meet the requirement of the Exception 4 of R501.3. The specific fire assembly is in the final stage of testing and we expect it to be listed with an accredited third party agency in 2015.

Our joists are available in lengths up to 58′ and depths from 9 1/2″ through 16″ for our residential series. Our Commercial series joists are available from 18″ through 24″ (PKI 40 and 50 series only)


Engineered Floor System Guarantee

Pinkwood Guaranteed for life
Guaranteed for life. PinkWood joists are manufactured to meet or exceed the rigorous engineering and testing standards set by every major code approval agency in North America. All PinkWood joist products are unconditionally guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects. PinkWood Ltd. guarantees that its PinkWood joist products, when installed and handled as per the PKjoist Installation Guide, will perform in accordance with the published structural specifications.

In the unlikely event that a problem occurs due to a manufacturing defect, PinkWood shall be given a reasonable opportunity to inspect the product on site. If this evaluation reveals a problem due to manufacturing defects, the situation shall be promptly corrected.

Environmental Product Declaration

Pinkwood Certified Environmental Product Declaration
Certified Environmental Product Declaration. Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) was developed in compliance with ISO14025 and ISO 21930 and has been verified under UL Environment’s EPD*.

The EPD includes Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) results for all processes up to the point that wood I-joists are packaged and ready for shipment at the manufacturing gate. The cradle-to-gate product system includes the cradle-to-gate product systems for lumber, OSB, the transportation of these inputs to I-joists plants and I-joist production.

Wood products stand alone as a green building material.

Environmental Product Declaration

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* Produced by EPD American Wood Council and Canadian Wood Council

PinkWood is committed to producing environmentally friendly products. Our I-joists are comprised of building materials with the following environmental benefits:

  • Use nearly 50% less wood than traditional lumber joists
  • Manufactured with safe, environmentally friendly binders
  • Utilize lumber from small diameter, rapidly renewable trees grown in responsibly managed forests

Pinkwood Installation Guide


Our program of Roseburg Framing System® consists of: RigidLam® LVL which is used for headers, beams, studs and columns; and RigidRim® rimboard. All of the components are engineered to the industry’s highest standards to help contractors build solid, durable, and better performing framing systems compared to ordinary dimension lumber.

You’ve probably been framing with traditional solid sawn lumber beams, headers, columns and studs for as long as you’ve been building. Now, through advances in technology and design, there is a better choice – RigidLam® LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) beams, headers, columns and studs. They are simply a better alternative than traditional solid sawn lumber pieces. Why not make the job easier by working with a stronger, stiffer, consistent and more predictable building material. Compared with similar sized sections, our RigidLam LVL products can support heavier loads and allow greater spans than conventional lumber.



  • Stronger, stiffer, more consistent
  • Dimensionally stable
  • APA quality assured
  • FSC® certified LVL available
  • Longer spans than conventional lumber (fewer supports required)
  • Greater load carrying capacity than conventional lumber
  • Wide width (up to 7’’)
  • Product & Performance Warranty

Roseburg RigidLam LVL is available throughout North America at some of the largest and most respected wholesale distributors and pro-yards. We encourage you to contact one today to get more information about Roseburg’s Engineered Wood Products.




Lengths: 8′ – 66′



1-1/2″ and 1-3/4″
1.3E, 1.5E and 2.0E RigidLam
1-1/2” & 1-3/4” 1.5E & 2.0E RigidLam

3-1/2″ 1.3E, 1.5E, 2.0E and 2.2E
3-1/2” 1.5E & 2.0E RigidLam

5-1/4″ 1.5E 2.0E and 2.2E
5-1/4” 1.5E & 2.0E RigidLam

7″ 1.5E 2.0E and 2.2E
7” 1.5E & 2.0E RigidLam



Roseburg RigidRim® Rimboard is used for perimeter framing and load transfer. To manufacture our EWP products, we use fast growing, under utilized, and less expensive wood species; therefore, large old growth trees are preserved. As a component of the Roseburg Framing system®, Rigidrim® OSB and LVL rimboard allows contractors to quickly frame the perimeter of their floor system and is one of the most cost effective methods to properly transfer vertical and horizontal loads around the I-joist and directly into the supporting walls.

Roseburg’s RigidRim is dimensionally stable and resists shrinking and warping. It also provides a smooth nailing surface for the attachment of exterior sheathing, siding and ledgers.


Roseburg RigidRim® Rimboard is available throughout North America at some of the largest and most respected wholesale distributors and pro-yards. We encourage you to contact one today to get more information on Roseburg’s RigidRim® Rimboard.

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Same depth as I-joists and LVL
Resistant to shrinking & warping
Dimensionally stable
FSC® certified 1.3E RigidLam LVL Rimboard available
APA quality assured and trademarked
Product & Performance Warranty

APA – The Engineered Wood Association
ICC Evaluation Service
Canada – CCMC (Canadian Construction Materials Centre)
WIJMA (Wood I-Joist Manufacturers Association)
EWPA (Engineered Wood Products Association)

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