Trex Outdoor Lighting

With the right Outdoor Lighting, you can take any outdoor space from invisible to inviting. POCO Building Supplies offers and expanded range of Trex Outdoor Lighting products to cover the whole landscape. From Deck Lights to Landscape, Garden and Pathway lighting and beyond, this expandable system allows you to expand your lighting with plug and play technology. And with the ability ta add dimmers and timing functionality – lighting the exterior of your home is as easy as flicking is switch!


  • Enhances curb appeal
  • Energy-efficient
  • Cree® LED Illumination makes for safer nighttime strolls and impressive deckside ambience
  • Lights install in a snap and disappear into their surroundings for a truly sophisticated look.

High performance

  • Energy-efficient Cree® LEDs give off long-lasting illumination*
  • Dimmable glow matches the mood of any outdoor party or dinner
  • Remains weather-proof and salt air resistant in the toughest climates
  • Offers total lighting control via timer and optional dimmer with remote

Perennial beauty

  • Sophisticated fixtures create custom lighting effects and designs
  • Ambient light improves the safety of paths and stairways
  • Out of sight during the day, beautiful light every night
  • Available in a variety of colors to complement any outdoor space

Trex® through and through

  • Part of a complete Trex package
  • Trex LightHubTM connection system makes set-up a snap for DIYers
  • Lighting builds into new decks and landscaping or retrofits into existing spaces
  • Earth-friendly LEDs are up to 9.1 times more efficient than incandescent lighting
  • Protected under warranty for years of outdoor use

Rounded Path Light

Available colours: Charcoal Black, Bronze

With safety in mind, path lights brighten walkways with a warm, focused light. Choose from two classic designs to complement existing décor.


Stepped Path Light

Available colours: Charcoal Black, Bronze

With safety in mind, path lights brighten walkways with a warm, focused light. Choose from two classic designs to complement existing décor.


Well Light

Available colours: Charcoal Black, Bronze

Well lights provide ambient illumination for bushes, foliage and small structures. A removable spike keeps the light in place and allows for easy customization.


Multifunction Light

Available colours: Charcoal Black, Bronze

These versatile lights cast a wide glow for highlighting buildings, trees and pathways. Get a custom look for any setting with the 140° swivel head.



Available colours: Charcoal Black, Bronze

Spotlights use the latest LED technology to shine a beautifully focused light through a modest head. When not in use, they’re designed to practically disappear into their surroundings.


Pyramid or Flat Post Cap Light


  • 4″x4″LEDPostCapLight [4.55″ x 4.55″ (114 mm x 114 mm) internal dimensions]
  • 5’6″ Male LightHubTM Lead

Deck Rail Light

Available colours: Charcoal Black/Bronze/Classic White


  • LED Deck Rail Light [2.75″ (70 mm) OD]
  • 5’6″ Male LightHub Lead

LED Riser 4 Pack

Available colours: Charcoal Black/Bronze/Classic White

  • 4 LED Riser Lights [1.25″ (32 mm) OD]
  • 5’6″ Male LightHub Lead

Recessed Deck Light 4 Pack


  • 4 LED Recessed Lights [1″ (25 mm) OD
  • 5’6″ Male LightHub Lead

Transformer with Timer


  • OutputVoltage:12VDC
  • Output Power: 60W or 30W
  • Output Current: 5A or 2.5A
  • Photo-ActivatedTimer
  • 20 ft. LightHub Wire Extension Cable



  • Single Channel with Remote

LightHub Accessories


  • 6-Way Splitter
  • 5ft.WireExtensionCable
  • 10 ft. Wire Extension Cable
  • 20 ft. Wire Extension Cable
  • 40 ft. Wire Extension Cable
  • 60 ft. Wire Extension Cable
  • Female to Female Adapter


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